How to Find Your Perfect Logos 7 Library

Do you think you’ll buy a commentary set in the next year? What about a Bible encyclopedia or other reference work? In the next twelve months, do you think you’ll buy a few theological resources?

If you plan on buying any biblical or theological resources in the next year, take a minute to consider a Logos 7 library or base package. Why? You’d be hard pressed to find a more affordable way to purchase hundreds of biblical and theological resources. On average, you’ll save around 90% compared to purchasing all the titles separately. And often you can get a base package for less than the price of purchasing just a few of your favorite collections individually. (Check out this post to see what I mean.)

Another reason to give our libraries a second look: diversity. And I don’t just mean theological diversity—though, with Baptist, Anglican, and Reformed libraries (along with many, many others), we have plenty of that, too.

Logos 7 libraries include a variety of resource types as well. To be sure, every library is well-rounded, and carefully curated to give you a good mix of reference works, commentaries, topical resources, etc. But different libraries really shine in different areas.

Here are just a few examples:


Logos 7 Anglican Libraries
 are rich with church history resources like the Early Church Fathers (37 vols), 20 volumes from the Classics of Western Spirituality, and the Collected Homilies of St. John Chrysostom.


Logos 7 Baptist
libraries focus on preaching and ministry with resources such as the David Platt Sermon Archive (334 sermons), the Founder’s Press Ministry collection, and the New American Commentary series.



Logos 7 Reformed libraries focus on theology with collections like the 13-volume Gospel According to the Old Testament Series, the Eerdmans D.A. Carson Collection, and 11 volumes from the Works of Jonathan Edwards.
Those are just a few examples. Check out all of the denominational libraries to see what you may be missing.


Find your favorites in a Logos 7 base package or library

With Logos 7, we rebuilt our libraries from the ground up, including many titles which have never been in base packages before. Here are just a few of the most exciting additions:

Keep in mind that when you get one of our libraries, you aren’t replacing your current library; you’re adding to it. And if there’s any overlap between the books you currently own and what comes in your new library, we’ll knock the cost of those books off your final price. That means that if you already own Logos, there’s a very good chance that you’ll pay even less than the introductory-discount price. (Check out this page to see your Dynamic Price on a personalized base package recommendation.)

Two ways to get your library

If you’re ready to get your library, take a moment to consider which of the following options is the best fit. (Or call one of our Resource Experts at 888-875-9491; they’ll talk you through your options.)

  • Recommended: Get a base package. If you’re looking for Logos 7 features as well as a library, this is the choice for you. Whether you’re running an older version of Logos or this is your first experience with us, getting the features and library together in a base package is highly recommended. You’ll get a special combo discount that’s factored into your final price, saving you more than if you were to purchase them separately.
  • Get a library on its own. If you already have Logos 7 features—whether you bought them or subscribe to them via Logos Now—it might make sense to just get the library on its own. And if you’re a Logos Now member, you’ll get an extra discount.

Not sure which library is right for you? Get a personalized base package recommendation, or give our Resource Experts a call to talk through your options: 888-875-9491.