Don’t Miss January’s Biggest Savings

It’s not too late to save during January’s monthly sale, but time is running out. Looking for the best deals? Check out the biggest savings this month:

1. Ariel Ministries Messianic Collection (11 vols.)$90 off
This collection brings together the works of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, founder of Ariel Ministries and one of the foremost scholars on the Jewish character of the Scriptures. Get new perspectives on the Bible, Jewish traditions, and Israel.

2. Classic Commentaries and Studies on Psalms (35 vols.)$70 off
In more than 15,000 pages, notable scholars provide historical background, literary analysis, outlines, original language studies, and more. Whatever your previous study of the Psalms, you’ll better understand their range and depth with these timeless commentaries.

3. Lewis Sperry Chafer Collection (9 vols.)$60 off
Get nine volumes from the founding president of Dallas Theological Seminary, the editor of Bibliotheca Sacra, and one of the key founders of modern dispensationalism. Get Chafer’s thoughts on a range of topics, including salvation, evangelism, grace, the kingdom of Christ, and elements of living a holy life.

4. Lewis and Short’s Latin Dictionary$60 off
This classic Latin dictionary covers words from the classical period up through the late medieval period. It contains numerous contextual examples, allowing you to see how the words were used in ancient Latin literature. If you’re interested in Latin study or ancient thought, Lewis and Short’s Latin Dictionary is essential.

5. The Complete Library of Christian Worship (7 vols.)$60 off
This collection presents the biblical origins, historical development, and contemporary use of every aspect of Christian worship. It represents every major Christian group, offers complete service examples, and provides adaptations of ancient and historical services for contemporary use.

Plus, there are several more products at $30 or more off the regular price—along with many other great bargains. Shop all of January’s deals before they’re gone.