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This Christmas, we’ve put together dozens of great deals on resources to help you uncover the wonder of the Word—including four bundles you don’t want to miss.

When you buy your resources in a bundle, you’re already saving compared to the price of purchasing them individually. And right now, you can get up to 75% off the already low bundle price when you take advantage of one of these four featured deals.

Mobile Ed: Parables & Miracles of Jesus Bundle (2 courses)

medGet a close look at the parables and miracles of Jesus as Dr. Dan Doriani provides insight on these important aspects of the life of Jesus. You’ll learn how they reveal who Christ is and what role they played in his ministry. Dr. Doriani interprets the parables and miracles in their original context and shows how they apply to us today.

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The Complete Classic Commentaries Bundle 3.0 (1,978 vols)

classic-commentariesWith over 1,900 scholarly commentaries covering every book of the Bible, the Complete Classic Commentaries Bundle is a timeless trove of expositions, analyses, and illustrations that will draw you closer to the Word. This massive bundle is made up of classic public domain and early twentieth-century commentaries Logos has released separately in the past. Build your library or complement the resources you already own with classic works from H.A. Ironside, John Calvin, A.W. Pink, J.C. Ryle, and John Wesley, as well as individual works by Charles Spurgeon on the Psalms, Martin Luther on Galatians, John Owen on Hebrews, and much more.

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Eerdmans Modern Biblical Scholarship Bundle (100 vols.)


Trusted publisher Eerdmans has cultivated a reputation for publishing the best modern biblical scholarship in the world. Through the years, Eerdmans has introduced hundreds of new, critical thinkers and thoughts to biblical scholarship—emphasizing open, earnest dialogue across the range of interpretive perspectives. The Eerdmans Modern Biblical Scholarship bundle collects 100 volumes that will dramatically enhance your library with dozens of monographs, commentaries, and definitive works on key subjects. With these trusted resources close at hand, you’ll have the resources you need to undertake a close examination of any major biblical issue.

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The MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series (33 vols.)

This set includes the entire collection of  New Testament commentaries from respected preacher John MacArthur. Closely examine the New Testament verse-by-verse with help from a master expositor. Understand Scripture in context and quickly identify points of application thanks to MacArthur’s practical and pointed analysis.

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Those are just a few of the deals we’re featuring during the Christmas season. Save on even more Mobile Ed courses, find the perfect Christmas gift with print books from Lexham press, get deals under $10, and more! Find the deals that fit your budget: shop the Christmas sale now.