Maximize Logos 7 with Our Library Expansions

Logos 7 is a powerhouse of biblical research. Our standard and denominational Logos 7 libraries were carefully curated by biblical resource experts to cover a broad range of categories, topics, and areas of interest for serious Bible study.

However, there are times, especially when researching a paper or preparing for a sermon, when you need to dig a little deeper into a subject. That’s why our resource experts carefully created the Logos 7 Library Expansions—to help you bulk up your library in the areas that you’re particularly interested in.

Take Church history, for example.

If you’re anything like me, my church history lessons from seminary are, shall we say, a “bit faded.” So I might open up a few of my textbooks and see what they have to say about the Reformation or the Great Awakening. But there have been many times when only having one or two books in an area comes up short. The XL Church History Library Expansion powers up my study with an extra 33 resources specifically focused on Church history!

And the Library Expansions can help you with more than just Church history. Getting ready to do a sermon series on the Old Testament? Pick up an Old Testament Library Expansion to help you better understand the context of the ancient Israelites. Looking for key texts from the time of the New Testament? Fill in those missing resources with an Ancient Texts and Translations Library Expansion. No matter what area of knowledge you need to expand, we’ve got you covered!


Check out all our Library Expansion options and pick the ones you need most!


  1. David Garber says:

    I like to know what additional books I would be receiving. Just like I can see when purchasing other large sets of which I’m sure I already have some of the books.

  2. Let me make a suggestion……

    Hold these sales at a different time of the year. Logos purchases (for me) are a luxury indulgence. There’s no way I can justify these purchases at the same time as so many other purchasing decisions have to be made.