Should I Get a Base Package, Logos Now, or the Logos 7 Full Feature Set?

When we dreamt up Logos 7, we knew we wanted to give our current customers more and clearer upgrade options.

The fact is, every Logos user is different. Some of us are out to build our libraries bigger and bigger. Others are passionate about owning Logos features. Some of us just want to use Logos features, and ownership is less important. And for many of us, the bottom line is, well, the bottom line: price.

As we’ve spoken with customers the last few months, we’ve found that there are three upgrade options many are turning to. So which is right for you: a base package, Logos Now, or the Logos 7 Full Feature Set?

Read on. This post can help you decide.

Logos 7 Base Packages

What it includes

A Logos 7 base package is made of two equally essential parts:

  • A static set of features that become yours forever when you make your purchase
  • A carefully curated library of biblical and theological resources

As with previous versions of Logos, different features and resources are included at different base package levels. This time, however, all the features of Logos 7 begin at Logos 7 Bronze. (That’s two levels lower than it was with Logos 6).

Browse all Logos 7 base packages to find the one that fits your needs.

Why get a base package?

All of the options described in this post will help you get more out of your Bible study. But there are two main reasons you may prefer a base package over our other options:

  • You want to add books to your library. The resources included in our base packages are chosen to complement the new features; for example, there are systematic theologies to pair with new sections in the Passage Guide, and Mobile Ed courses to use with the new Courses Tool. And the library included with a base package adds to your current books; it grows your library, it doesn’t replace it.
  • You want to own a static set of features. When you buy a base package, you secure a static set of features that become yours for life. That means you’ll own every feature up to and including Logos 7.0. If you ever decide to join Logos Now, you’ll get subscription access to additional features, but will always own the features you purchased with your Logos 7 base package.

Get a base package recommendation.

Logos Now

What it includes

Logos Now is our official membership program. Your annual membership gives you access to lots of benefits including:

  • Subscription access to every feature up to and including Logos 7
  • Logos 8 early-release features
  • Member-based pricing on Logos 7 libraries
  • Special discounts on Logos 7 Library Expansions
  • A rotating selection of exclusive discounts on other Bible study resources
  • Free, full-access, month-long previews of select resources
  • . . . and even more.

Why get Logos Now

If you’re mainly concerned about price, Logos Now may be an affordable upgrade option for you. With an annual cost of $99.99 (or, if you purchase before December 31, just $89.99), a Logos Now membership is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade to Logos 7.

When considering upgrade options, we’ve found there are three main reasons a user chooses Logos Now:

  • They want subscription access to Logos features. If you’re used to using online subscription services, Logos Now will feel familiar. When you become a member, you get access to every Logos feature in existence, and new features as we make them. You can use those features freely and fully for as long as you’re a member.
  • They are looking for the most cost-effective way to use all the features of Logos 7. Depending on your budget, Logos Now could be a great fit.
  • They are happy with their current library. If you’re happy with your current library, so are we. If you don’t want to purchase new books, but do want to use the latest and greatest Bible study tools from Logos, consider a Now membership. That being said, Logos Now members get additional discounts on Logos 7 libraries and Logos 7 Library Expansions. So Logos Now is a great way to get big savings on books, too.

Learn more about becoming a Logos Now member.

Logos 7 Full Feature Set

What it includes

Just what it sounds like: when you purchase a Logos 7 Full Feature Set, you’ll own every single feature of Logos 7.

Why get the Full Feature Set

There are three main reasons customers choose this option over others:

  • Ownership. Some users are mainly interested in Logos 7’s new features, but they would prefer to own them rather than accessing them via a Logos Now membership.
  • Affordability. Because a Logos 7 Full Feature Set doesn’t include a library, this option costs a little less than Logos 7 Bronze (where all the features kick in).
  • Books (or lack thereof). Many customers are satisfied with the size of their library, and are looking for an affordable option that secures them ownership of Logos 7 features, without adding new books. This option fits the bill.

Get the Full Feature Set.

To get an even better deal:

  • Get a Logos Now membership, too. A membership will get you 15% off the price of the Full Feature Set. Plus, you’ll get access to additional Logos features for as long as you’re a member.

We hope that helps you find the option that’s best for you. If you need more help deciding, don’t hesitate to call one of our Resource Experts at 888-875-9491. They’ll ask you a few questions, and make a recommendation based on your needs.


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  1. Just keep in mind that the current pricing structure will likely change (as they normally do) next year. Meaning, an annual $99 membership might become a semi-annual $99 membership next year with the only option of being billed twice a year. I signed up for the Logos Now membership because it was advertised as having two billing options: annual or monthly. Since the ministry budget allows to me pay a small monthly fee instead of a big chunck up front it was perfect. However, a few months down the road and I am told the Logos Now membership will only be available with an upfront cost of $99 billed annually. So, there is no getting locked in to set billing. I lost all of the features I was using through the Logo Now membership.

    Something to keep in mind when going the Logos Now membership route.