Your Guide to December’s Deals

Get Great Deals This December

If you haven’t checked out December’s monthly sale yet, you’re missing some great deals. Choose from a wide range of products, including low prices on individual volumes and big savings on top collections.

Not sure where to start? Check out these five top deals:

1. Essential Reference Bundle (38 vols.)26% off
This massive collection compiles a wide range of top reference works, including the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, the 5-volume Encyclopedia of Christianity, the Eerdmans Bible Reference Collection, and much more.

2. Mentor Commentary: Psalms (2 vols.)41% off
Explore the complex nature of the Psalms with the Mentor Commentary Series’ combination of a high view of Scripture and extensive theological scholarship. You’ll get an introduction to the style, structure, composition, and authorship of the Psalms, along with thorough discussion of exegetical and interpretive issues.

3. Old Testament Cultural Practices Collection (14 vols.)21% off
Enhance your study of the Old Testament with fascinating perspectives on ancient Israel’s culture. These volumes cover a wide range of topics: burial practices and conceptions of death, race and ethnicity, corporate responsibility, understanding of sleep in the Old Testament, and much more.

4. New Testament Background31% off
C.K. Barrett’s selection of background documents to the New Testament has been an essential reference book for students of Christian origins for nearly 40 years. Explore selections from a wide range of sources, annotated with Barrett’s impeccable scholarship. You’ll get a vivid impression of the first-century world.

5. Sexuality in the New Testament: Understanding the Key Texts44% off
William Loader considers the key questions on what the New Testament says about issues of human sexuality. This accessible guide covers a variety of interpretations of the main texts treating this contentious issue.

And there’s much more to choose from. Shop all the deals—you’re certain to find something you’ll love at a bargain price.