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gfgm2hcq92s-aaron-burdenThroughout this Christmas season, we’ve been encouraging Christians to commit to look closer at God’s Word. We believe Scripture has the power to open our eyes to the wonder and power of the Christmas story.

That commitment to looking closer doesn’t have to end with the conclusion of the Christmas season. The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to commit (or recommit!) to making Bible study a daily habit. As you meditate on the Word of God, new insights and reflections will be illuminated as you immerse your daily life with Scripture.

A daily devotional is an invaluable tool to help you follow through with this commitment—and the digital edition of Connect the Testaments: A One-Year Daily Devotional with Bible Reading Plan is free for anyone who has a account.

Reflections for your everyday life

ConnectTheTestamentsConnect the Testaments is a one-year, daily devotional with a custom reading plan that covers the entire Bible. Each day, you’ll read from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and poetic literature. The devotional will offer insights into the text, explanations for difficult passages, and glimpses into how the Scripture passages are connected. These daily reflections will teach you about living for Jesus in your everyday life.

Here’s an excerpt from the entry for January 1:

January 1: Beginnings

Genesis 1–2; Matthew 1–2; Ecclesiastes 1:1–5

In the beginning, God subdues the greatest symbol of chaos in the ancient world: the waters. He also creates light—something that the ancients thought ruled everything. Even darkness, which they deeply feared, is now ruled by Him.

The ancients were in the middle, asking, “God, where are you in the midst of this chaotic world?” He answers them with a story about beginnings. In this story, we find that God establishes order in a chaotic world. He rules other gods. He rules the light. He rules the night. It’s as if God said, “Why are you afraid? I’m here. I’m working it out.”

Matthew 1–2 gives us another beginning—a child born in humble circumstances. But it’s through this child, Jesus, that the world itself was first created. And that’s not all: in Him and through Him everything is brought together. Chaos is made orderly: “Because all things in the heavens and on earth were created by him … and he himself is before all things, and in him all things are held together” (Col 1:16–17). If we want to truly understand our origins, we need this frame of reference.

Like the ancients, we too are in the middle. We worry that evil and chaos will reign, but we must let Christ take control. He can bring order to our unruly lives. We need a new beginning. In Genesis, God wants us to see Him taking back what He created—and that includes us.

What chaos do you fear? We often feel in the middle, but our beginnings suggest that Christ is holding everything together. What areas of your life need God’s order? Where do you need Christ to step in and hold together?

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Connect the Testaments is designed to help you in your daily pursuit of God. On its own, it’s an incredible tool to help you dig into the Bible. When paired with additional tools like the Faithlife Study Bible App or DIY Bible Study, you’ll have a full suite of tools to help you examine Scripture with fresh eyes.

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  1. A very good daily devotional, although it is rather strange where they divided some of the readings. Especially in some of the poetical books, they would interrupt the reading in the middle of a thought and sometimes a sentence that was split over two verses. In reading in Job, they would sometimes have a day’s reading begin with one speaker, and end halfway through the reply speech of another speaker.

    My wife and I used this devotional throughout 2016 and found the devotional thoughts excellent and often very challenging. The readings are from 3 different Bible books each day, and so it can get somewhat difficult to follow the train of thought across the various writings from day to day. Overall, it was a wonderful aid to our devotional life.