Free Christmas Devotional to Help You Look Closer at the Christmas Story

free christmas devotional

Wisemen. Angels. Shepherds. A virgin mother. A long-expected king.

Few biblical stories are as familiar as the tale of Christ’s birth. During the holiday season, we hear it sung in malls, we see it on television, and we tell it to our children. But the Christmas story carries riches that won’t be uncovered by a cursory retelling; it holds deep, eternal truths that we sometimes miss—precisely because we know the story so well.

It’s only when we look closer at the story—when we take the time to study it with fresh eyes—that we are reminded of its power. Those familiar truths ring out with renewed clarity, conviction, and meaning. We discover insights we’ve missed, find historical and cultural details that make the text come alive, and understand the story of Christ’s birth in light of the grand narrative of Scripture.

Rick Brannan’s Anticipating His Arrival: A Family Guide through Advent will help you take a closer look at God’s Word this season.

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