How the Coming of Christ Gave Us the Right to Be God’s Children

adoption children of god Among the great “Christmas texts” in Scripture, there is, arguably, one passage that surpasses all others in both majesty and power. In John 1, the apostle manages to squeeze one of the clearest declarations of the incarnation in just 18 verses. Beginning with the pre-existence of the eternal Word, John describes in detail one of the central mysteries of the Christian faith: how the second person of the Trinity became man—in order to reveal the glory of God. It’s a familiar passage. But like so many familiar passages of Scripture, a closer look can reveal precious truths hidden beneath the surface. And in the case of John 1, it reveals a profound revelation concerning just what it means to be a child of God. In this video from the new Mobile Ed course, Reflecting on the Word: Video Devotionals (available for just $29.99 during the Christmas sale), Michael Heiser explains how the coming of Christ gave us the right become God’s children.



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