This Christmas, Save on Guided Studies through Scripture & Theology


Undertaking an in-depth study of Scripture can be intimidating. Where do you start? With Mobile Ed courses, you’ll find the perfect guide for your journey through Scripture. To get you started, we’ve put over 20 courses on sale this season.

See them all now, or check out some of the courses that are perfect for the Christmas season below.

Journey through the Christian Year

Follow acclaimed pastors, teachers, and theologians as they guide you through the Christian calendar with Reflecting on the Word: Video Devotionals. Beginning with the coming of Christ at advent, this course includes 47 devotional reflections for key occasions throughout the Christian year. Uncover the riches of God’s Word with thoughtful meditations from Peter Leithart, Craig Blomberg, Ben Witherington III, Michael Heiser, and more!

In this sample video, Mark Ward explores the birth of Christ in Hebrews 2.


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Get the entire, 47-video course for just $29.99!

Explore the arrival of Christ & his Kingdom

Follow a team of respected Christian theologians, including Craig A. Evans, Michael W. Goheen, Jeannine K. Brown, Mark L. Strauss, Joel Willitts, and Gerry Breshears, as they explore the significance of Christ’s first advent in the course The Arrival of Christ and His Kingdom. The combined expertise of these scholars will give you the clearest insight into the eschatological expectations of first-century Judaism, the birth of the Messiah in each Gospel, and Christ’s kingdom mission. It’s the perfect study for the Christmas season, or any time of the year.

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Follow the story of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation

The Bible is a grand collection of 66 separate books—how are those books unified? In the course The Story of the Bible, Dr. Michael Goheen—expert in missiology, theology, and worldview studies—shows how the drama of the Bible unfolds by tracing the major theological themes of redemption and restoration across both Testaments.

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Rediscover the power of the Incarnation

The central theological event of the Christmas story is unquestionably the Incarnation. This Christmas, explore this fascinating and practical doctrine with Gary Breshear’s Mobile Ed course Christology: The Doctrine of Christ.

Gain a better understanding of Jesus Christ as you explore how God became man, how we can be like Jesus, and what a real difference he makes in our lives. Examine the historical reality that Jesus was fully incarnate through the Virgin Mary, lived a human life, died for our sins, rose for our justification and to bring us new life, and is exalted in the highest heaven above all powers.

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