Build Your Reference Library with Top Works in Just One Purchase

featuredproduct-blogimage630x349December’s featured deal is the 38-volume Essential Reference Bundle. This massive collection gives you the chance to quickly build your library with top reference materials, at a low price. The bundle includes:

  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) (1979–1995) (4 vols.)—more than 9,000 articles covering every person, place, and theological term in the Bible, plus more
  • The Encyclopedia of Christianity, vols. 1–5—comprehensive coverage of the church throughout history and throughout the world, as well as other religions and philosophies that have interacted with Christianity
  • Theology and Doctrine Collection (16 vols.)—volumes covering a wide range of theological topics, written by Stanley Hauerwas, John McIntyre, Eberhard Jüngel, Stanley E. Porter, and other leading theologians
  • Early Church History Collection (7 vols.)—primary sources and thoughtful analysis of the early church: how people prayed, sang, worshiped, and preached, and what they believed as fundamental to their faith
  • Eerdmans Bible Reference Collection (5 vols.)—top volumes on the Old Testament, New Testament exegesis, eschatology, and more
  • Dictionary of Christianity in America—2,400 articles on the church’s role in American history and the history, beliefs and practices of Christian traditions in North America

This month only, you can get all those works in the Essential Reference Bundle for just $419.99. That’s less than the cost of purchasing just the ISBE and The Encyclopedia of Christianity! Already own some of the volumes? You’ll pay only for what’s new to you. Get the bundle now.

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