5 Can’t-Miss Courses to Guide Your Bible Study This Christmas


This Christmas, we’re encouraging Christians to look closer at God’s Word—to be intentional about the time they spend in Scripture. Because when you spend a little extra time and effort looking closer at God’s Word, familiar stories come alive with details you’ve never noticed before, and God’s Word takes on new power.

One of the best ways to get a fresh look at God’s Word is to learn from those who’ve spent a lifetime studying it. Mobile Ed courses provide expert guidance for your journey through Scripture. They take you step-by-step through important issues on a score of biblical books, topics, people, themes, doctrines, and more. Each course is taught by a trusted scholar and includes fascinating video lectures, reading suggestions, reflection questions, and more.

Here are five Mobile Ed courses we recommend to lend you a little guidance for your journey through Scripture this season. (And each one is 30% for a limited time!)

  1. Trace the Storyline of Scripture
    The Bible is a grand collection of 66 separate books—but how are those books unified? Michael Goheen’s The Story of the Bible will help you understand the grand story arc of Scripture by tracing the major theological themes of redemption and restoration across both Testaments.

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  2. Read between the testaments
    The events between the final book of the Old Testament and the first Gospel are a backdrop for Christ’s appearance and the development of Christianity. The World of Jesus and the Gospels, led by renowned scholar Craig Evans, will bring clarity to your reading of the Gospels by revealing the world of the Intertestamental Period.

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  3. Grasp the implications of New Testament theology
    Dr. Douglas Moo has over 30 years of New Testament research and teaching experience, making him your ideal guide in the course New Testament Theology. Bridge the gap between what ancient writers meant and what the New Testament means for God’s people today.

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  4. Learn to use the tools of responsible interpretation
    Join Dr. Craig Keener, a foremost expert in biblical backgrounds, as he explains how to interpret the Bible for yourself in the course Principles of Bible Interpretation. Drawing from meticulous research of the ancient world, Dr. Keener will show you how to grasp biblical meaning by understanding its cultural contexts, genres, and more.

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  5. Uncover traces of the Trinity in the Old Testament
    Dr. Michael Heiser illuminates the Old Testament basis for the Christian Godhead in The Jewish Trinity. Dr. Heiser demonstrates how God was cast as more than one person in the Old Testament, and how New Testament writers applied those descriptions to Jesus.

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There are 15 more Mobile Ed courses featured in this year’s Christmas sale. Get guidance for your journey through Scripture: see all the Mobile Ed Christmas deals now!