3 Days Left to Save on Barth, Spurgeon, Anchor Yale Bible, & More


Stock up for the new year with savings on resources that will help you uncover the wonder of the Word. This Christmas season, we’ve been featuring great deals on resources by some of our most popular authors.

Christmas may have come and gone, but you still have a few days left to save—but not very many! Christmas deals disappear on December 31 at 11:59 p.m.

Here are five deals from celebrated authors and teachers you don’t want to miss.

Karl Barth Collection (49 vols.) – 42% off

barthFew twentieth-century theologians have made a bigger impact on Christendom than Karl Barth. Whatever your opinion of some of his more controversial views, one thing is certain: his work is essential reading for anyone who take theology seriously.

This collection includes some of his most indispensable works, including Church Dogmatics. Opportunities to get such a large quantity of Barth’s work at such a steep discount don’t come around often. You only have three days to get this collection for 42% off.

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Anchor Yale Bible (88 vols.) – 31% off

anchorThis massive commentary has set the standard for biblical scholarship for decades. Arriving at the meaning of biblical literature through exact translation and extended exposition, the AYB is the par exemplar of an scholarly commentary. Each author reconstructs the ancient setting of the biblical story, adhering to the most exacting standards of scholarship.


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Preaching the Word Commentary Series (40 vols.) – 43% off

preachingNoted for its steadfast commitment to biblical authority, its readability, and its clear exposition of Scripture, the Preaching the Word Series is an ideal resource for pastors, teachers, and those seeking to enrich their personal Bible study. Covering the Old and New Testaments and edited by renowned pastor, R. Kent Hughes,this collection of commentaries exemplify expository preaching and provide practical applications of 45 books of the Bible, as well as the Sermon on the Mount.

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Charles Spurgeon Collection (149 vols.) – 40% off

spurgeonDuring his decades-long ministry in nineteenth-century England, Charles Spurgeon preached thousands of sermons, heard by millions of listeners. More than 100 years after his death, he continues to exert a powerful influence in the church and around the world. The Charles Spurgeon Collection (149 vols.) offers over 3,550 sermons, as well as many of Spurgeon’s commentaries and lectures, his autobiography, and much more.

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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Bundle

hebrewqFew skills will serve your Bible study more than understanding the original languages. But getting started, especially with Hebrew, is often overwhelming. Mark Futato is here to help you take the first steps in your journey to Hebrew mastery. In this course, you’ll go all the way from recognizing and pronouncing Hebrew letters to translating phrases, clauses, and sentences and reading Scripture—right from the Hebrew original.

And for the first time we’re offering this course with Futato’s introductory Hebrew grammar, in one affordable bundle. This grammar was only released after years of testing in a number of institutions, and its proven method of teaching is concise, clear, and never overwhelming.

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