Six November Deals You’ll Want to Pick Up

november sale

November’s deals are here, giving you a wide range of products to choose from, all at great discounts! Browse all the deals to find the right ones for you, or check out these six recommended deals:

  1. Barth’s Church Dogmatics (31 vols.)20% off

Karl Bath’s monumental life work covers the doctrines of God, God’s Word, Creation, and Reconciliation. Barth emphasizes the person of Christ and insists that ethics and theology cannot be separated. Discover for yourself why this classic work continues to influence theologians across multiple traditions.

  1. Crossway Theology Collection (7 vols.)42% off

Explore some of the most important theological issues with books by Wayne Grudem, John Piper, John Feinberg, Bruce Demarest, and other leading evangelical theologians. The topics range from the doctrine of God and the doctrine of salvation to eschatology, ethics, and much more.

  1. Old Testament for Everyone Series (11 vols.)21% off

In the spirit of N.T. Wright’s New Testament for Everyone commentaries, Old Testament scholar John Goldingay addresses 19 OT books. He offers fresh translations, provides useful background information, and clarifies even the most challenging passages.

  1. D.A. Carson “Love of God” Collection (3 vols.)22% off

This collection includes The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God, which looks at God’s love from a biblical perspective and challenges popular misconceptions. It also gives you For the Love of God, a two-volume, 365-day devotional featuring Carson’s insightful reflections.

  1. Crossway Apologetics Collection (10 vols.)47% off

Build your apologetics library with 10 volumes from William Lane Craig, Norman L. Geisler, Nancy Pearcey, and others. You’ll get overviews of apologetic methods and volumes on science, postmodernism, the history of apologetics, and more.

  1. B. B. Warfield Collection (20 vols.)45% off

B.B. Warfield defended Reformed confessionalism against the extremes of nineteenth-century modernist and revivalist theology. This collection includes Warfield’s works on biblical inspiration and authority, textual criticism, Calvinism, biblical theology, Christian perfectionism, and more.

There’s a lot more on sale—check out all of November’s deals here!