Everything You Need to Know about Dynamic Pricing

BuildYourLogosLibraryWith Dynamic Pricing you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you upgrade to Logos 7.

If you read that statement and you’re thinking “Okay, but what is Dynamic Pricing?” then this post is for you. But even if you’re thinking “Yeah I already know about Dynamic Pricing. I just haven’t looked into upgrading yet,” then this post is also for you. Because if you own an earlier version of Logos, you could get started with Logos 7 for a lot less than you might think.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dynamic Pricing, and how it makes upgrading to Logos 7 a very sweet deal.

How does Dynamic Pricing work?

Your Dynamic Price is a unique-to-you discount on a given product based on resources and features you already own. It means you always get the best deal you can get, based on your existing library and products.

When you’re logged in to Logos.com, our website adjusts the prices you see, based on resources you already own. So when you’re looking at a collection of resources—like a Logos 7 base package—you see a custom discount based on what’s already in your library and your software.


You don’t just get Dynamically Priced books; you’ll get a Dynamic Price on Logos features. You won’t pay twice for what you already have, so if you own pre-Logos 7 features like Psalms Explorer, Cultural Concepts, and Timeline, you’ll see a Dynamic Price on Logos 7 base packages that include the Full Feature Set. And if you decide to just get the Full Feature Set on its own, you’ll get a Dynamic Price on that, too!

The bottom line is that Dynamic Pricing enables you to enhance (not replace!) your existing library and software, and get the best deal you can get while doing it.

See your Dynamic Price on a personalized base package recommendation.

Is Dynamic Pricing really the best deal?

Let’s look at an example. Here’s what the Logos 7 Gold page looks like if you own Logos 5 Gold, Logos 6 Platinum, or if you’re not signed.

As you can see, Dynamic Pricing saves you money, no matter the level or version you already own.

But maybe you’re wondering, why go from Logos 6 Platinum to Logos 7 Gold? Isn’t that a downgrade? Nope! Your new Logos 7 base package—features and library—gets added to what you already own, so you keep what you have and only get the tools and resources that are new to you.

What Dynamic Pricing discounts are available for Logos 7?

You can always see your unique price on Logos 7 by visiting Logos.com/get-7. Here’s what I see:


But if I want to see my other options, I can just click the little drop down arrow. And no matter what level I’m looking at, I’ll always see how much I’m saving with my Dynamic Price.


See your Dynamic Price on a personalized base package recommendation.

How much could Dynamic Pricing save you on Logos 7?

As stated, your discount will be uniquely determined based on what you own. Here’s a breakdown of the most you could pay for Logos 7. This doesn’t include additional savings for Logos Now members, any sales that may be going on, or additional Dynamic Pricing discounts based on other resources you own.

If you own… You could get…
Logos 6 Starter Logos 7 Starter for just $294.99 $123.47
Logos 6 Bronze Logos 7 Bronze for just $629.99 $311.04
Or Logos 7 Starter for only $294.99 $75.74
Logos 6 Silver Logos 7 Silver for just $999.99 $462.70
Or Logos 7 Bronze for just $629.99 $311.04
Or Logos 7 Starter for only $294.99 $67.77
Logos 6 Gold Logos 7 Gold for just $1,549.99 $681.26
Or Logos 7 Silver for $999.99 $426.13
Or Logos 7 Bronze for only $629.99 $220.10
Or Logos 7 Starter for only $294.99 $62.25
Logos 5 Gold Logos 7 Gold for just $1,549.99 $677.68
Or Logos 7 Bronze for only $629.99 $217.31
Logos 4 Gold Logos 7 Gold for just $1,549.99 $1,177.44
Or Logos 7 Bronze for only $629.99 $432.89

This is just a small handful of the possible combinations. (In fact, by my calculation there are over 60,000 possible combinations!) But you won’t know your exact savings until you see for yourself; you can see your Dynamic Price when you click “See my price” for any package on our base packages page, or skip straight to your recommended package and see your custom price. Either way, if you’re logged in to Logos.com, you’ll always see your unique Dynamic Price.

Take advantage of your custom discount—get Logos 7 today!

Visit Logos.com/get-7 or call 888-875-9491 to get the best deal you can get on Logos 7 today!


  1. M.Sagadaven says

    What does logos Bronze 7 contain

  2. I have been at this for 30 years and do not want or need the books and studies from the Catholic or groups that do not use the KJV. I do personal studies in subjects that most preachers avoid. Did I not get a yearly price for Logos 7? Is that still available?

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Paul.

      You may be referring to our membership program, Logos Now, which includes subscription access to every available Logos feature as one of its benefits.