The Secret to Saving Hundreds on Logos 7


You’ve heard the hype. Maybe you’ve even read the reviews. You’re seriously considering jumping in feet first with Logos 7. But one thing’s holding you back.

You’re a savvy shopper who’s always on the hunt for a deal. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t pay full price for anything.

If you’ve been waiting to find a great deal on Logos 7, wait no longer because there’s a secret to getting a great deal on Logos 7:

Get a Logos 7 base package, and a membership to Logos Now. This is the best way to take advantage of multiple discounts on Logos 7, all in one purchase.

Here’s how it works.

Watch your savings add up

base packageBase packages are made up of two equally important parts: a Logos 7 feature set, and a library of resources carefully curated to complement those features. When you get your feature set and library together as part of a base package, the savings are built right in.

I’ll use Logos 7 Portfolio as an example in this post, but the same basic principles apply to all our base packages.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Regular Price for Logos 7 Portfolio library: $5,033.33
  • Regular Price for Logos 7 Full Feature Set: $599.99
  • Total price if purchased separately: $5,633.32

But when you get the library and feature set together in a base package, you won’t pay $5,633.32. The regular price for Logos 7 Portfolio is just $4,979.99. That’s already over 11% off the price of purchasing the Logos 7 Full Feature Set and Logos 7 Platinum library separately.

But let’s say you already own Logos 6 Portfolio, and you’re looking to upgrade to Logos 7 Portfolio. Because of Dynamic Pricing, you only pay for the features and resources that are new to you.

That brings the cost of your new base package down to just $3,910.05—20% off the regular price.

  • Regular price for Logos 7 Portfolio base package: $4,979.99
  • Dynamic Price (if you own Logos 6 Portfolio): $3,910.05

But that’s just the start. When you enter Logos Now into the equation, the savings really start to stack up.

Why you should get Logos Now and a base package to get the best deal

books+now2Logos Now is our membership program, complete with exclusive discounts, access to the Logos Web App, free resource previews, and lots of other benefits. Plus, Logos Now also includes access to every single Logos feature: all the features of Logos 7; exclusive, subscription-only features; and even early-release Logos 8 features.

When you get a base package and a Logos Now membership, you get the most complete Logos experience available.

Plus, a Logos Now membership lets you save even more on your base package. Logos Now members save a total of 15%!

Here’s how that Logos 7 Portfolio base package price would break down:

  • Regular price for Logos 7 Portfolio base package: $4,979.99
  • Limited-time Introductory price + Logos Now discount: $4,232.99
  • Dynamic Price (if you own Logos 6 Portfolio): $2,414.43

In fact, at that price, the Logos Now membership pays for itself. With your Logos Now discount, your savings would exceed the cost of your annual membership.

In this scenario, you’d save 51% off the price of getting Logos 7 Portfolio at regular price—and you’d get all the benefits of Logos Now, too!

If you own Logos 6 Portfolio . . .
Final Dynamic Price for just Logos 7 Portfolio + Introductory Discount Final Dynamic Price for Logos 7 Portfolio + Introductory Discount + Logos Now
$2,461.17 $2,414.43

No matter what version of Logos you own—or even if you don’t own a base package at all—one smart way to get a big deal on Logos 7 is to get a base package and a Logos Now membership together.

Get Logos 7 today!

Ready to take advantage of these savings? Just add a Logos Now membership and Logos 7 Portfolio to your cart and watch your savings add up.


Don’t wait! Introductory discounts on Logos Now and Logos 7 won’t be around forever. Pick out your base package now, or go ahead and take the plunge with Logos 7 Portfolio.


  1. Joanne Wilson says:

    still cannot afford it

  2. Boyce Ottinger says:

    I have Logos 6 and it has not been that long ago that I got it. Now, you come out with Logos 7, and it seems your prices keep going up. I am retired and use Logos to do Bible study and to prepare for a Discipleship group that meets in my home on Thursdays.

    I started with either Logos 4 or 5, so I have been with you for sometime now. I simply do not see the value for me to advance from Logos 6 to Logos 7.

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Hi, Boyce.

      If you’re happy with your current version, so are we!

    • Wilko van der Jagt says:

      Thanks Boyce!
      I’m in the same situation. To me (as ‘old’ Logos 6 user) the price for Logos is excessive!
      I’m not impressed at all!

  3. Ken Vogel says:

    I don’t know what kind of Math you’re using but the difference between the two scenarios is less than $50 and Logos Now, at the reduced rate, is approximately $90. That doesn’t seem like it’s paying for anything!!

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Hi, Ken.

      The point is when you get Logos Now and Portfolio in scenario two above, you pay $46.74 less than you would if you got Portfolio by itself. Make sense?

      To put it another way, if you go with scenario one, you end up spending nearly $50 MORE—and you don’t get all the benefits of Logos Now. That’s why I describe Logos Now as paying for itself in scenario two.

      Hope that helps.

  4. So if we already have Logos 6, what is the cost to upgrade to 7?

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Hi, Scott.

      Prices vary based on the resources you already own. To see your custom price, visit and be sure you’re logged into your logos account. You’ll see a base package recommendation based on what you already own.

      There are lots of other upgrade options for you, Scott. I recommend reading this blog post for a complete explanation of your options.

      Finally, you might consider calling one of our Resource Experts for help navigating your options: 1-888-875-9491.

      Hope that helps!


  5. Andrea Hoxie says:

    I just made my final payment (at least I hope so) for my present “upgrade.” Is there no end? Perhaps you should consider a subscription service and be done with it, so that upgrades and additions to the library would be automatic. The subscriptions could still follow a denominational track. That’s my two cents worth.

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Hi, Andrea.

      I’m happy to report that we actually do offer subscription options, thought not ones that follow a “denominational track” as you suggest. Here are some options.

      * Logos Cloud: Get subscription access to Logos features and resources.
      * Logos Now: Our membership program, Logos Now, gives you subscription access to the latest Logos features as soon as we make them. As long as your a member, you’d access every single Logos feature we offer. Plus, there are lots of other benefits, including exclusive discounts, free previews, and more.

      I hope that helps!

      • Melissa Rowe says:

        I have Logos 6 plus Logos Now, and was wondering what the difference would be if I was to upgrade to Logos 7? Except some more books to add to my library is there anything else? Also the the extra cost of up grading is that added on to the monthly amount we pay already and we end up paying a larger amount each month or is it added on to the end of what we pay now so extending our time to complete payment?

        • Tyler Smith says:

          Hi, Melissa. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you.

          If you own Logos 6 and are a Logos Now member, that means you have subscription access to all the features of Logos 7, and will get access to new features as we release them. So being a Logos Now member is a legitimate upgrade option, though it’s important to note that if you decide to cancel your membership you will lose access to all the post-L6 features.

          The advantage of purchasing a Logos 7 base package is that you would then OWN all L7 features, and add more resources to your library.

          As to your final question, it sounds like you are on a payment plan. My advice is to give sales a call (888-875-9491) and see what options are open to you. They’re more well-versed on that subject than I am.

          I hope that helps!

  6. Having recently paid what to me is a lot of money for logos 6 I wish there was someway to just upgrade the features without having to buy extra books I don’t want or can’t afford.

    Is there a place where can I see the real extra features (not books) compared to logos 6 and has the program which has many cool features become more userfriendly