Save Up to 50% on Commentaries & More during Pastor Appreciation Month

BlogImge-PowerfulPastoralStories-620x324Throughout October, we’re celebrating the high calling and hard work of pastors! If you’re a pastor, we’d like to pause a moment to say “Thanks!” Thanks for the long hours you put in every week, studying, researching, and preparing to give Sunday’s message and providing answers and guidance to your congregation.

This month we’ve put over 40 of our best pastoral resources on sale, so you can enrich your ministry and nourish your own soul, without breaking the bank.

These resources have been hand-picked with you in mind, and we’ve culled from the dozens of options the top five—the best of the best so you can empower your ministry today.

#1 Eerdman’s Pastoral Resources Collection—40% off

What you get:


  • 30 volumes covering a diverse array of key ministerial aspects, such as strategies for missions, church planting, preaching advice, homeless and community outreach, and church leadership
  • Wisdom from 32 renowned authors, pastors, and educators, including Ben Witherington III and Eugene Petersen
  • Encouragement, guidance, and inspiration
  • Practical theology from ancient and contemporary ministers

Why it’s great for pastors:

In one fell swoop, you’ll stock your ministry shelf with 30 volumes on a broad range of topics immediately relevant to the good work you do, day in, day out.

This special collection was created for Pastor Appreciation Month and will only be 40% off through October. Don’t wait—get this collection now for 40% off !

#2 Bible Speaks Today: Old Testament Commentary Series—28% off

What you get:


  • 33 volumes, covering every book in the Old Testament
  • A rich, conservative-evangelical approach from seasoned preachers and pastors and editor John Stott
  • Readable, relatable, biblically-faithful passage-by-passage commentary
  • Practical application for everyday life


Why it’s great for pastors:

Rather than strictly theoretical, these commentaries illuminate the practical heart of the Old Testament, equipping you with applicable biblical truth that you can start delivering immediately.

Get the Bible Speaks Today: Old Testament Commentary Series today and save 28%.

#3 Feasting on the Word—23% off

What you get:


  • 12 volumes of lectionary commentary, covering every Sunday in a three-year cycle
  • Theological, pastoral, exegetical, and homiletical essays for every lectionary text
  • Sixteen different approaches to teaching a given passage
  • Contributions from world-class and denominationally diverse scholars, pastors, and writers

Why it’s great for pastors:

Whether your church follows the Revised Common Lectionary pattern or not, as one of the most extensive preaching resources on the market this collection is sure to aid and enrich your sermon preparation.

Get Feasting on the Word today and save 23%.

#4 Mobile Ed Preaching and Discipling Foundations Bundle—30% off

What you get:


  • 10 courses (over 50 hours!) of seminary-level instruction and teaching from leading pastors, professors, and authors
  • Solid foundation of communication principles applicable to any teaching setting, from one-on-one to the pulpit
  • A balanced blend of preaching and discipling theory and practical application
  • Relevant, biblically sound lessons to help you grow personally and grow your congregation


Why it’s great for pastors:

You want to grow, but making time for ongoing education can be tough. With this Mobile Ed bundle you’ll learn at your own pace and convenience, getting a solid theoretical foundation and practical advice from experienced pastors and professors.

Get the Mobile Ed Preaching and Discipling Foundations Bundle today and save 30%.

#5 The New American Commentary Series—24% off

What you get:


  • 42 volumes of contemporary evangelical scholarship, based on the NIV translation
  • Insight from more than 40 of today’s top scholars and theologians, including Eugene Merril, Daniel Bock, Craig Blomberg, and more
  • Scholarly methodology reflective of thorough, capable original language research
  • Interpretation focusing on the theological unity of each book and Scripture as a whole

Why it’s great for pastors:

You need biblical resources that are utterly committed to Scripture, provide you with reliable exegesis, and equip you with practical, applicable exposition. With this commentary series, you get all three!

Get The New American Commentary Series today and save 24%.


These are just five of the 40+ useful, enriching, and empowering ministry resources you can save on this month!

Visit the Pastor Appreciation Month sale page and pick up some new resources today.