Recreate the Seminary Classroom Experience for Your Congregation

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There’s something exhilarating about the seminary experience.

It’s not just the lectures from world-class scholars; it’s the conversations you share with your peers as you wrestle through important biblical and theological issues together.

That kind of spiritual and intellectual stimulation is hard to duplicate.

But imagine if you could bring the thrill of deep, engaging lectures from world-class scholars to your church members.

Picture your small group sitting in a living room as Douglas Moo spends a few minutes explaining a section of Romans. Then your small group leader opens a fascinating discussion on the implications of Moo’s insights . . .

Recreate the seminary experience

With the new Mobile Ed Video and Faithlife TV Plus bundle, every member in your congregation gets unlimited streaming of teaching from the world’s top biblical scholars and professors.

We’ve pulled together every lecture from all 130+ Mobile Ed courses. Each lecture is carefully divided into over 7,000 easy-to-watch segments—the perfect length to incorporate into your next Sunday school lesson or small group discussion.

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Trustworthy teaching from Christian leaders

Draw on the expertise of world-class scholars and foster an environment of spiritual and intellectual stimulation in your church:

  • Elyse Fitzpatrick will help your small group members root their identities in Christ.
  • Darrell Bock will teach your discipleship group how to study the Bible for themselves.
  • Justin Irving will walk your leadership team through essential ministry skills.
  • Don Fanning will train your short-term missions team on important issues facing global missions.
  • Craig Keener will teach your adult Sunday school class how to interpret the book of Revelation.

With over 7,000 videos from dozens of teachers on a range of biblical and theological topics, you’re bound to find just the right material to help your church go deeper.

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Biblical entertainment that edifies

Not only can you access teaching from trusted professors and teachers, with Faithlife TV Plus every member in your church can view Christian entertainment that encourages them in their Christian walk.

Stream over 1,000 Bible documentaries, dramas, biographies, kids videos, and more anywhere, any time. Whether they’re settling in for family movie night or handing the kids an iPad to watch on the road, equip families in your church with video content that edifies as it entertains.

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Priced for your congregation

For the price of purchasing a few Mobile Ed courses just for yourself, you could unlock the entire Mobile Ed video archive—and Faithlife TV Plus—for every member in your church! Equip your church with biblical teaching for less than a dollar a month per member!

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