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It’s Pastor Appreciation Month, and we’re celebrating the hard work and high calling of pastors throughout October. In honor of pastors everywhere, we’re offering great savings on ministry resources—and we’re making it easy for you to thank the pastors who have made an impact on your life.

Use our #ThanksPastor message template to create a meaningful image to go along with your thanks. Then share your appreciation on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll give you a free book just for showing your gratitude! You can even enter you and your pastor to win a Logos 7 Gold base package!

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Every-Square-Inch_180x252In Every Square Inch, professor of theology & culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological seminary Bruce Ashford helps Christians live in the tension of faithful witness and cultural relevance.

How should our faith affect the way engage the world? How can Christians extend Jesus lordship to every corner of culture? Drawing on the wisdom of Christian thinkers like Abraham Kuyper, Francis Schaeffer, and C.S. Lewis, Ashford urges Christians to demolish the barrier between “sacred” and “secular,” and allow the gospel to inform everything we do.

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  1. HAROLD A DOBY JR says:

    thanks Pastor Earl B Mason Sr for teaching me to love the Word of God

  2. Bill Rodgers says:

    Thanks Pastor Lisa, for preaching the Word of God so faithfully and regularly!!!

    Father Bill R.

  3. hank the pastors who have made an impact on your life.i will try to read the whole book

  4. Thanks to my wonderful Pastor for his teaching, guidance and direction.