Get Craig S. Keener’s Commentary on Romans—Absolutely Free!

BlogImage620x324 (2)Its words convinced a fourth-century literature teacher named Aurelius Augustinus—later known as St. Augustine of Hippo—to abandon his sinful life and serve the Church. And it’s the biblical book that Martin Luther called “truly the most important piece in the New Testament.” Paul’s letter to the Romans has shaped how christians have thought, behaved, and believed for over 2,000 years, and some of Christianity’s most precious doctrines find their fullest exposition in its pages. It’s little wonder that commentaries on Romans are so popular, and so crucial for in-depth Bible study.

During the month of October, you can get Craig S. Keener’s New Covenant Commentary: Romans absolutely free.

The New Covenant Commentaries are refreshingly accessible; each volume provides a comprehensive overview of the biblical book, while also diving deep into paragraph-by-paragraph exposition. The result is a clear, concise view of the theology, historical interpretation, and spiritual application of the New Testament books.

Keener closely examines each section, identifying the flow of Paul’s argument within each paragraph, and how it relates to the argument of the book as a whole. Keener brings Romans to life for the modern reader, drawing on extra-biblical sources to paint a picture of how the original audience would have heard and understood the message. With New Covenant Commentary: Romans, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of this critically important epistle.

Get your copy of Craig S. Keener’s commentary on Romans for free!



And don’t miss the opportunity to add Gordon Fee’s New Covenant Commentary: Revelation to your library for just $1.99—and enter for your chance to win all six volumes of the New Covenant Commentary series!

Get both books for $2, now through October 31.


  1. Stanley Jebb says:

    I have followed instructions to download Craig Keener’s book on Romans and Gordon Fee’s book on Revelation. How do I know when I have received them? Or how do I find them on my computer? Thank you.

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Hi, Stanley.

      You should have received a confirmation email explaining how to download one of our free apps to read your Logos resource.

      Just go to this page and follow the instructions to install Logos’ free core engine on your desktop. You can also access your books on any of our mobile apps.

      Hope that helps!