Get 30 Volumes of Inspiration and Encouragement for Your Ministry

BlogImge-Eerdman'sCollection-620x324During October you can get incredible deals on a few dozen commentaries, ministry resources, and more. Nestled among them is a new collection assembled just for Pastor Appreciation Month: The Eerdmans Pastoral Resources Collection. Save 43% off this collection of 30 resources that will help you tackle tough challenges in ministry with a gospel-centered approach.

This comprehensive collection covers topics like pastoral leadership, discipleship, marriage, how to enter or leave a congregation, hospitality, being a missional church, and so much more. Here are four resources from the collection to get excited about:

1. Working the Angles: The Shape of Pastoral Integrity by Eugene H. Peterson
In this defining work on pastoral leadership, Eugene Peterson calls his fellow pastors to three basic acts that determine the shape of pastoral ministry. According to Peterson, prayer, scripture reading, and spiritual direction are essential to directing the eyes of your congregation to God. These three acts will lead you and your congregation to be attentive to and directed by God in the areas of oneself, the community of faith, and others.

2. Proper Confidence: Faith, Doubt, and Certainty in Christian Discipleship by Lesslie Newbigin
The divisive conflict between “liberals” and “fundamentalists” within the Church is reaching a breaking point. Looking to end the strife, Lesslie Newbigin tackles the conflict head on, writing from a historical perspective to form a foundation that encourages unity in the Christian faith as a whole. The result is an exposition that compels Christians to confidently affirm the Gospel as public truth.

3. Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor by Ben Witherington
Is work a necessary evil caused by the fall, or a powerful gift from God that brings purpose to our life? In Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor, Ben Witherington writes on the biblical theology and ethic of work, establishing that it is not a curse, but a good endeavor given to us by God. He writes with concise authority as he establishes the role of work in the life of believers, and our roles in the coming kingdom of God.

4. Ten Commandments for Pastors New to a Congregation by Lawrence W. Farris
As a new pastor to a church, you cannot ignore the dynamics of the new congregation and its people. Simply transitioning what you did elsewhere to your new church could be a recipe for disaster. Then again, not making any changes—trying to continue ministry just as your predecessor did—may prove troubling as well. It’s no question that the first few months of your new ministry set the precedent for where it will go. Ten Commandments for Pastors New to a Congregation spells out 10 practical principles on how to start off on the right foot to set pace for a sustainable and fruitful ministry for years to come.

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