Last Chance to Save on Courses from Dr. John Fuder and Dr. Ian Jones

image00How does globalization and urbanization affect the Christian mission? How do you engage a new community with a posture of self-sacrifice, humility, and brokenness? How do you help your church become relevant in the community? Dr. Fuder tackles all these topics and more in the Urban Ministry Bundle.

In Biblical Theology of Urban Ministry (MI251), Dr. John Fuder looks at biblical examples of God’s work in ancient cities, applying the principles to urban ministry today. The course highlights the lives of biblical figures who served God faithfully in urban contexts, and describes God’s heart for the city as displayed in Scripture. It also discusses the difficulties that people faced living and ministering in the great cities of the Bible, which are similar to those faced in modern cities—poverty, injustice, migration and diversity complexities, overcrowding, violent crime, and more—and challenges the church to engage the city through teamwork, presence, and perseverance.

Dr. John Fuder discusses how to engage with cultures different from your own and offers practical steps for building a partnership with the urban community in Philosophy and Practice of Urban Ministry (MI252). Building on a biblical foundation, which speaks about God’s heart for the city, the course demonstrates how to apply biblical, theological, and sociological principles to urban ministry. It provides practical principles on how to engage a community more effectively for Christ.

In Community Analysis: Exegeting Culture for Missions (MI301), Dr. John Fuder describes how to survey a local community and discover the felt needs in a neighborhood. This course teaches you to think biblically and missionally about ways that a church or group of churches could be involved in responding to the needs in that community, as well as how to understand and apply Scripture in a manner relevant to your church and community.


Discover God’s heart for the city through Scripture, and apply Dr. Fuder’s practical principles to your ministry as you engage with the diverse populations that occupy today’s cities. The John Fuder Urban Ministry Bundle  is shipping on September 14th. Buy today and save $200!  


Explore Christian Counseling With Dr. Ian Jones

How does our view of the soul and our view of human nature shape our understanding of psychology and influence our effectiveness at providing pastoral care? How can we identify Scripture while providing counsel?

In Introducing Biblical Counseling: The History of Counseling (CO107) Dr. Jones takes a historical journey through the concepts of secular and biblical psychology. He examines how beliefs shape one’s approach to pastoral care. While introducing many influential people in both biblical and scientific studies, the course creates a bridge between the two worlds of science and the Bible, resulting in a Christian theory that honors the whole person.

Dr. Ian Jones explores the differences between secular and Christian counseling and describes characteristics and skills of an effective Christian counselor in his follow-up course, Introducing Biblical Counseling: Theory and Practice (CO108). The course considers the definitions and biblical foundations for counseling, comparing and contrasting them with secular models. Beginning with God’s “crisis counseling intervention” in Eden, this course traces models and principles of counseling throughout the Bible, with a particular focus on the messianic model evident in the life of Jesus. You’ll also learn basic counseling skills, additional counseling models, and ways to deal with specific issues such as sexual misconduct, anxiety and depression, and suicide.


The Ian Jones Bundle is shipping on September 13th. Take advantage of the Pre-Pub price—buy today and save $160.