Explore the Synoptic Gospels with Dr. Craig Evans

image00Follow the story of Jesus from infancy to resurrection to discover the ancient context of Matthew’s Gospel, the authorship of Mark, and the implications of Luke for the church today.


In The Gospel of Matthew in Its Jewish Context (NT314), Dr. Craig Evans discusses the dating and authorship of Matthew’s Gospel, focusing on its original context. The course develops the idea that Matthew wrote for those who were still connected with the synagogue, explaining how the New Testament Gospel fulfills the all righteousness as foretold in the Old Testament.


Follow Jesus’ ministry from Galilee to Jerusalem to the empty tomb with Dr. Craig Evans in The Gospel of Mark in Its Roman Context (NT318) . The course looks at how Jesus’ power as an exorcist and healer gradually reveals his identity as Messiah, Son of Man, and Son of David and addresses his teaching on kingdom ethics and relationships. It examines the jubilation of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his rocky relationship with the temple leaders. The course finishes with Jesus’ death and resurrection as well as an exploration of the different endings of Mark.


In The Gospel of Luke in Its Gentile Context (NT319), Dr. Craig Evans begins with the infancy narrative and then moves to Jesus’ ministry in Galilee where Jesus calls the disciples, heals the sick, and preaches the Sermon on the Plain. As Jesus’ ministry expands covers additional miracles, leading up to Peter’s confession and the transfiguration. From there, the central section of Luke’s Gospel unfolds with numerous parables and ethical teachings. The course concludes with a study of the resurrection and a look at some of the Old Testament texts Jesus might have referred to on the road to Emmaus.

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