900 Reasons (More or Less) To Consider a Logos 7 Base Package

With the latest version of Logos, there are lots of upgrade options to match your needs and budget.

But there’s still no match for the savings you get with a Logos 7 base package. Not only does a base package get you the newest Logos features, it also includes brand new books for your library at an incredible discount.

But maybe you’re happy with your current library. “I have plenty of books,” you say. “I don’t need any more.” That’s totally understandable!

But what if someone said they’d give you all 22 volumes from John Stott’s Bible Speaks Today New Testament commentary series (regular price: $319.99)—for just $34? Even if you aren’t in the market for a new commentary set, that’s a good deal. It would be hard to pass up.

Or what if someone offered you the complete Tyndale Commentary series featuring authors F.F. Bruce, Wayne Grudem, Douglas Moo, and others (regular price: $224.99)—for just $24. Would you be interested?

Those are exactly the kind of deals you get in Logos 7 Platinum.

In fact, there are 908 library resources included in Platinum. (And if you happen to already have those in your Logos library, you’ll only pay for the ones that are new to you.)

You’ll find many of the commentaries and resources you love at a value you can’t get anywhere else.

Get nearly 90% off a massive theological library

Logos 7 Platinum includes a library worth over $18,000—commentaries, dictionaries, Greek and Hebrew resources, and everything else you need for in-depth study. But when you purchase Logos 7 Platinum, you get that huge library for over 89% off the price of building it book by book. (And you get all the features of Logos 7, too!)

Just a glance at some of the resources included in Logos 7 Platinum proves its incredible value:


Hermeneia and Continental Commentary
(69 vols.): This standard series for academic study includes a full critical discussion of nearly every problem of interpretation throughout Scripture. Regular price: $1,699.99



A Greek–English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (better known as BDAG) is an essential resource for Greek study—and in Logos you can access its trusted information in just a few clicks. Actually, for the first time ever, in Logos 7, make that one click. Regular price: $149.99




Bible Speaks Today series (22 vols): Chances are, you already love this commentary from series editor and contributor John Stott. Now you can get it in Logos 7 Platinum at an incredible price. Regular price: $319.99


ancient christian commentarAncient Christian Commentary on Scripture (29 vols): Scholars have combed the works of the Church Fathers, finding the most relevant comments on every passage of Scripture and pulling them together into these 29 volumes. Regular price: $307.99


Tyndale Commentaries
(49 vols.): This celebrated series on the entire Bible includes volumes by Derek Kidner, Bruce Waltke, R.T. France, Leon Morris, I. Howard Marshall, F.F. Bruce, Douglas Moo, Wayne Grudem, John Stott, and many more. Regular price: $224.99




Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (10 vols): Considered by many scholars to be the best New Testament dictionary ever compiled, these 10 volumes include articles on over 2,300 theologically significant New Testament words. Regular price: $199.99


The New Daily Study Bible (17 vols)
: William Barclay’s hugely popular commentary series has been a go-to source for thousands of pastors, scholars, and everyday Christians. Regular price: $199.99

If you bought just these series on their own, you’d spend $3,102.93.

But when you get Logos 7 Platinum, you’ll get all these resources plus hundreds more for $2,049.99.

That’s over $1,000 less than the cost of just getting the resources above! And of course, Platinum also includes brand new Logos features like the Sermon Editor and Courses Tool.

And if you already own a base package, you’ll pay even less than that. Your Logos resources are yours to keep forever, so when you purchase a base package, you keep your current resources and we add new resources to your library. You only pay for the books that are new to you. For instance, if you own Logos 6 Gold, you’ll save at least $770 on Logos 7 Platinum!

So what are you waiting for? Now’s a great time to get Logos 7 Platinum. Get it now! Or, call one of our Resource Experts at 888-875-9491 and ask about our payment plans.


  1. I have suffered from two problems.

    1) time to open Logos to a passage and be able to begin searching. This is a big problem as it takes what seems to be a very long time. Just now about 3 minutes before I could open to a selected text and be able to see the greek words in the definition screen and readily move up and down through the screens. This is because of the long time loading the commentaries, journals, and searching the internet for the content for the screen on the left (which is should do last… other than the key default commentaries)

    2) big problem – I can not do a search using Greek or Hebrew letters for a particular word or part of a word (the stem) when I am working in the inter-linear or Greek or Hebrew Bibles. I should be able to choose a Greek or Hebrew font when entering text in the search screen.

    FYI I have Platinum Logos 6

    • Hi, JB. So sorry to hear you’re having troubles. I would give Customer Support a call: 800-875-6467. Unless your system is not up to date (see system requirements here) I don’t think it should take as long as you describe.

      Hope that helps.

      • Martin Vanderspek says

        I have the same issues with a new HP i5 Intel laptop. It takes at least 4 minutes to load and usually it tries to install updates and rolls into indexing which makes the program totally useless for quick research. I switched to two other programs for the quick work instead. Have been using Logos since version 1, so I have invested too much to let it go. I had hoped version 7 would load much faster but it is actually even slower than version 6 on my laptops.

      • Putting Logos onto a SSD (Solid State Drive) reduced my wait time when starting Logos A LOT. When it was on a regular hard disk, Logos was painfully slow. Here are some times on my SSD.

        Start up (Logos 6) = 13 seconds until Logos 6 displays text.
        Passage guide for John 1 = 8 seconds
        Exegetical Guide for John 1 (all 51 verses) = 17 seconds
        Exegetical Guide for Romans 1 = 14 seconds
        Above are for my desktop, my laptop (also with an SSD) is a bit slower..
        Even though using an SSD has helped a lot for the start up, I’m still puzzled at why Logos is not a lot faster than it is. When I start up Logos 6, the SSD never works harder than 15% and the CPU is only in the 10-25% range. My guess is the bottle neck is internet when Logos 6 checks in with the home servers for valuation etc.

        When I do Exegetical Guides, the CPU works at the 20-25% range (the first core of 8 runs about 70-95% while the other cores run between 5 and 20%) and the SSD stays under 10%, usually under 5%. So I’m not sure if having an SSD will speed up Exegetical and Passage studies all that much. The bottleneck appears to be the coding that does not use the CPU core equally. Oh, my desktop CPU is an i7.

  2. Logos is a great tool for Bible study that I use everyday, however the upgrade cost is unbelievable.

    I hate how in one year I can buy Logos Platinum, then the very next year the upgrade costs nearly half of what I originally paid, all for an upgrade that mainly consists of filler books.

    The new features seem very minimal, and I don’t need more books or courses, so I just don’t see the value.

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Nelson.

      If you aren’t interested in a new library, there are some affordable options for you.

      * Get the Logos 7 Feature Set – This gives you all the features of Logos 7, including the Courses Tool and Sermon Editor. If you own Logos 6 Platinum, your cost would be under $200 (67% off the regular price).
      * Become a Logos Now member – There are lots of benefits to becoming a member, including exclusive discounts, access to the Logos Web App, and more. It also provides access to all the features of Logos 7, exclusive subscription only features, and Logos 8 early release features. You get full access to those features as long as you maintain your membership. Right now you can get $10 off your first year. You’d pay $89.99.

      Hope that helps.



  3. I suspect that, if I was a younger man, I would find this kind of offer very attractive! However, as a now “retired” pastor (and one who has the hard-back version of the full TP commentaries!), I am unable to justify such expense. Living on a pension; not preaching every week; with a fairly extensive library that was built up over many years; means that I would be unlikely to be able to take full advantage of the resources provided.

    My concern is that, at some stage, the earlier versions will no longer be supported. Is it possible to have an assurance that this will not, in fact, happen?

    Every blessing on the continued work of Logos.

    • Rev. Ross, I don’t have easy access at the moment to the statement of our CEO, Bob Pritchett, on this, but we have always assured users that they will never lose any resources they have purchased. And the “core engine” for each new release will also continue to be available, so if you don’t upgrade at all for ten years and you get three new laptops during that time with three successively newer operating systems, you’ll still be able to run Logos. No ebook company has a 150-year history to draw upon, but we have about the best history you can get: 25 years. And we’re hoping to build and build on that foundation!

    • Wayne Baker says

      I have given one option below, but a second idea I thought of is the fact you can make arrangements for your Logos 6 and or 7 software and resources to be passed on. I inquiried about this and was told you can do so by making arrangements through Customer service. Following my separate comment for Rev Ross, you should be able to upgrade to the core engine adding several free resources, using some of the basic tools. You would be able to for a low annual subscription increase to the current complete tool set, for use on the resources you own and the free resources you add, while adding new resources you find useful. This package can then be passed onto your heir at the appropriate time.

  4. Wayne Baker says

    For Rev Ross:
    A second option you can take, if I have read other material right, you can upgrade to Logos 7 using a very basic with few tools option with no cost to you. With the upgrade you then import your old resources. This is done at no expense. With such an option you may even become eligible for for the free book of the month and a secondary book for two dollars (American) each month plus the additional option of many books from Faithlife, Noet, and others that are free as well. I think all those resources will help you, even in retirement for a low or no cost. A little extra by paying for the Logos Now set, you pay ninety dollars a year to get all the Logos features, not the resources. This includes, again if I understand correctly the ability to input your books into your Logos system. Please check with customer support on all this. I am just a user, not a person employed by Faithlife or any affiliate. So I have no authority, except I am sure I have read of each thing I suggest here being applicable and an option for one in your position

  5. Fred Clifford says

    I am wondering about the meaning of the words, “limited time introductory pricing,” especially the “limited time” part of it. I’m working on something else from this part of my budget right now, so I know it will be a few months before considering the upgrade. It would be helpful for the purpose of planning to remove the ambiguity. Make sense?