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900 Reasons (More or Less) To Consider a Logos 7 Base Package


The newest version of Logos has arrived, and this time around, we have lots of upgrade options to match your needs and budget.

But there’s still no match for the savings you get with a Logos 7 base package. Not only does a base package get you the newest Logos features, it also includes brand new books for your library at an incredible discount.

But maybe you’re happy with your current library. “I have plenty of books,” you say. “I don’t need any more.” That’s totally understandable!

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3 Reasons Not to Panic over Bible Translation Revisions

dont-panic-esvCrossway recently released the English Standard Version in a 2016 “Permanent Text” edition (the updated text will be free for Logos users who own the ESV). The ESV, it was announced, would remain “unchanged forever, in perpetuity.” As Christianity Today rather cheekily titled its article on the new edition, “Bible Translation Becomes Unchanging Word of God.”

I wrote a lengthy article on this topic, most of which is below; but yesterday, after much internet chatter, Crossway reversed their decision.
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The 5 September Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

Save on Great Resources in September's Monthly Sale

October is right around the corner, and that means you only have a few more days to save on products in the September monthly sale. There are a lot of great deals this month, but here are five you really don’t want to miss:

1. IVP Biblical Theology Collection Upgrade (8 vols.)31% off
Get insightful works on biblical theology from I. Howard Marshall, John Goldingay, Ben Witherington, and Larry Helyer. Explore New and Old Testament theology, Israel’s story, and how Jesus, Paul, and John provide the key to unlocking the message of the Bible.

2. An Exegetical Commentary: Revelation (2 vols.)12% off
Robert L. Thomas provides an in-depth, verse-by-verse analysis of Revelation, addressing textual issues and providing a strong case for a premillennial reading. Thomas’ detailed commentaries take some of the mystery out of the Bible’s most confusing book.

3. Oxford History of the Christian Church (16 vols.)20% off
This comprehensive collection covers church history from apostolic times to the present day and focuses on key regions worldwide. You’ll get analysis of the Reformation, the East-West schism, the church’s influence on society, church institutions, and much more.

4. David Platt Sermon Archive (344 Sermons)28% off
Challenge your faith, your life, and your church with sermons from David Platt—one of the most provocative preachers working in ministry today. This massive archive includes sermons on a wide range of topics, including salvation, discipleship, culture, suffering, missions, family, and more.

5. Day One Creation and Science Collection (10 vols.)50% off
The authors of the Day One Creation and Science Collection contribute well-reasoned and thoughtful perspectives to the creation-evolution debate, drawing from their expertise in the fields of philosophy, science, and medicine. You’ll get clear analysis of complex scientific and philosophical issues, along with discussion questions and study guides.

And don’t forget to check out all the other deals—we’ve got something for everyone!

Explore the Synoptic Gospels with Dr. Craig Evans

image00Follow the story of Jesus from infancy to resurrection to discover the ancient context of Matthew’s Gospel, the authorship of Mark, and the implications of Luke for the church today.

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Explore All the Names of God with Ease Using Logos 7


People’s names in Scripture are not merely labels to distinguish them from other people, but many times are expressions of their character. For example,

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Get 2 books for $2—Now through September 30

BlogImage620x324This month’s free book is all about being healthy—and no, we don’t mean kale smoothies and hot yoga. Thabiti Anyabwile’s What Is a Healthy Church Member? is a practical, helpful handbook on what it means to be a “healthy” church member, and how to become one. And it’s free until September 30!

Predicated on the idea that a healthy church is built from healthy members, Anyabwile provides 10 answers to the question “what is a healthy church member,” creating a thorough profile of how healthy church members act and what they believe and value. Many of the answers are unsurprising (a healthy church member is dedicated to prayer, the gospel, and his or her local church), but some are delightfully unexpected.

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How to Ask Excellent Bible Study Discussion Questions

ask-excellent-questionsLeading a group Bible study is deeply rewarding, but let’s be honest: it’s also a little terrifying. Once you begin a conversation, you give up a sense of control. You might travel from Exodus to the politics of Disney faster than you can say “talitha koumi.” Your efforts might produce unbearable silence, heretical comments, or topical whiplash that spins the group dizzy. For these reasons, many people avoid leading true discussions in their Bible study groups.

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In His Own Words: A Guest Post from Grant Osborne

osbornes-own-wordsI have the greatest job in the world. No, I actually have one of the greatest, if not the greatest, jobs in all of human history (apart from Christ’s, that is). My point is this: there is a God, and he raised Jesus from the dead, brought salvation to mankind, and spoke directly to us through his revealed Word. What can be better than proclaiming this salvation and teaching his Word to an incredibly needy world?
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Find Your Preaching Voice with Help from Matt Chandler and J.D. Greear

greear-chandler-sermonsWhen I was a seminary student, one of the hardest things I had to overcome was preaching class. Now, most people struggle with that particular course because of their fear of public speaking. Not me. I loved to give speeches in public—even as an introvert, speaking to a large crowd never phased me
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7 Powerful Logos 7 Capabilities You May Have Missed

BlogImage-F5By now, you’ve probably heard about exciting new Logos 7 features like the Sermon Editor and the Courses Tool. These flagship features are so compelling, we have a confession to make: we haven’t given due attention to some other, just as helpful Logos 7 features and capabilities.

What these other capabilities lack in flash, they make up for in complete and utter utilitarian glory.

The Sermon Editor and Courses Tool aren’t the only reasons to give Logos 7 a look. Here are seven other game-changing Logos 7 capabilities.

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