How to Next-Level Your Note Files with Hyperlinks


A Logos user recently posed this question to me:

I’ve found a lot of information in a resource that I want to quickly access from my note file. I don’t, however, want to copy all that text into the file itself. How do I create a hyperlink in the note file back to the exact spot in the resource where the information is located?

Excellent question, and yes! You’ll be happy to know creating hyperlinks in note files is quite simple:

  • Open a resource to the exact spot you want to access from the note file (A)


  • Choose the panel menu on the resource (B)
  • Select URL on the Copy location as line (C)


  • Close the resource
  • Open a note file
  • Type text, such as “Click here for great information”, in the Content box that will house the hyperlink (D)


  • Select (highlight) the text you just typed (E)


  • Click the create a hyperlink icon on the note file toolbar (F)
  • Paste in the Hyperlink in the box that appears (G)


  • Notice Logos has placed the location of the resource in the box (H)


  • Press the Enter key to save the hyperlink and close the box
  • Notice Logos hyperlinks the text in the note file (I)


  • Click the hyperlink (J) (PC: Hold down the Control key/Mac: hold down Command key as you click the hyperlink) to open the resource to the exact spot for the information you wanted (K)


This is a power-user trick to enhance your note files and save you from laborious and lengthy copy–pasting. For more in-depth information about Notes, please check out the Logos 6 Training Manual Volumes 1 & 2 Bundle, which features an entire chapter on the Notes document.

Also, plan on kicking off the fall with three days of hands-on training at our live Camp Logos in Phoenix, AZ on September 13–15. 

Morris Proctor
is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.


  1. Jeff O'Neal says

    That’s a nice thing to know. In my daily Bible study, I take notes and want to save my place in a book each day. But the link from the book does not place the note in chronological order. Rather the note is in consecutive order, after other notes in the book.
    One interesting thing I learned. Instead of typing my own text, I copied and pasted a phrase I wanted to hyperlink. Even though I highlighted and linked the phrase, the phrase did not link. It was the footnote for the phrase that was hyperlinked.

  2. Hello I have the latest version of Logos 6, My question is, Where is the Note file?

    Thanks steve

    • Jeff O'Neal says

      Steve, up at the top, left corner next to the 3 symbols (Home, Book/Library, and Magnifying glass/Search), you will find the “Documents” menu tab. Left-click on the “Documents” tab and you will see a list drop down from the “Documents” tab. Move your mouse arrow down the list to “Notes” and left-click. A new note page will pop up in one of your Logos windows. The note title is “Untitled Notes” be default. Left-click on that title and you can type the name you want to give your new notes title. Above the new title you have created you will see “Add note”. Left-click on “Add note” and you can put a new note in your note file. The other way to add a note to your note file when it is open is to left-click and drag to highlight a phrase or section in a Bible or other resource in Logos then right-click on the highlighted area. In the menu that pops up, you will see an option to “Add note to [the new note file you have created]”. By left-clicking on that option, you mark that place in your resource with a link in your note file. Next time you left-click on “Documents”, you will nee your new note file listed in the drop-down menu, on the right side.

      I recommend you watch the Logos videos at the Logos website and/or on YouTube to get a fast leg-up on using this super software. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

  3. David Egolf says

    Will these hyperlinks survive a resource update? I would not want to lose my links when Logos decides to revise my copy of the resource.

  4. Izzyfanto says

    Please tell me there is a way to do this on the mobile app, I was just wondering this the other day when I was putting in some of my own cross references into a note.