Get a Crash Course in Reformed Theological Doctrine

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For a limited time, the Basics of the Faith series is on sale. This comprehensive collection of concise resources address 39 of the most important doctrines and practices comprising Reformed theology. Newcomers and teachers alike will benefit from the clear exposition and effective ways to address tough questions. And through August 8, you’ll save 45%!

These are just seven of the poignant questions addressed from the Reformed perspective by this accessible series:

Get Bible-based answers to these questions plus 32 others from top Reformed teachers such as Philip G. Ryken, J.V. Fesko, Eric Alexander, Bryan Chapell, and more with the Basics of Faith series.

A wealth of wisdom at tremendous value

When you pick up this collection, you’ll get:


  • All 39 volumes of the Basics of the Faith series
  • Essential teaching on Reformed doctrine and practice
  • Clear and concise discussion from top Reformed teachers
  • Effective ways to address a wide array of challenging questions

Don’t wait to save 45% on this comprehensive collection—this sale ends August 8 at 5:00 p.m. Get yours today!