Our Newest Base Packages Have Something for Everyone

Methodist & Wesleyan Logos 6 Base Packages

Our newest lineup of base packages is specially tailored for those in the Methodist and Wesleyan tradition, but every student of God’s Word will find plenty to love in their robust, comprehensive libraries. And if you are from a Wesleyan tradition? Wait until you see the key resources we’ve pulled together just for you.

Best of all, if you already own a base package, you’ll get a custom discount based on the books you already own. (For Logos 6 Gold owners, that means a full 50% off this brand new base package). And right now, all of our base packages are 10% off, so you’ll save even more.

Here are a some highlights from the newest members of our base package family.

Collected works from key theologians

The Wesleyan tradition has made an indelible mark on theology and Christian living. These new base packages include key works from some its most important theologians.

  • John and Charles Wesley: M&W Gold includes dozens of resources by or about the founders of Wesleyanism themselves.
  • Adam Clarke: The 24-volume Works of Adam Clarke includes the influential Methodist preacher’s essential works.
  • C.K. Barrett: Upon C.K. Barrett’s death, British newspaper The Guardian declared him “the greatest British New Testament scholar of the twentieth century.” M&W Gold includes the essential works of this influential Methodist scholar
  • William Burt Pope: The author of one of the most influential Methodist systematic theologies ever written, this theologians key works are included in M&W base packages

Check out all the resources included in M&W Gold.

Acclaimed resources

Methodist/Wesleyan Gold includes acclaimed resources like N.T. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God (4 vols.) and his New Testament for Everyone commentary (18 vols.). It also includes the essential and most up-to date-edition of the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia and the highly regarded Forms of the Old Testament commentary series.

All together, those resources would cost over $700 when purchased individually. If you already own Logos 6 Gold, you’d get these and hundreds of other resources for just $763.

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Commentaries for everyone

M&W base packages include dozens of commentaries to power you Passage Guide, deliver insight for your sermon or lesson prep, and enrich your personal devotions. In addition to New Testament for Everyone, and Forms of the Old Testament, and many more, M&W Gold includes these top-of-the line commentary series.

  • WPH Wesleyan Bible Commentary Series: This 18-volume series from Wesleyan Publishing House focuses on life transformation, taking a paragraph-by-paragraph approach that makes it ideal for sermon and lesson preparation.
  • New Covenant Commentary Series: Featuring volumes by Gordon Fee, Lynn Cohick, Craig Keener, and Michael Bird, this set is a great addition to anyone’s library, no matter their theological tradition.
  • Eerdmans Wesleyan Bible Commentary: The first multi-volume commentary on the whole Bible by a distinguished team of Wesleyan scholars, this series was made to fill an inexplicable gap in biblical studies: a broadly evangelical, practical-yet-scholarly commentary from a distinctly Wesleyan perspective.

See all the resources in M&W Gold now.

More Bible study resources

As with all of our base packages, there are simply too many resources included to do them justice in a single blog post. I haven’t even mentioned the large number of original language resources not available in other Gold base packages, or the key ministry resources you’ll get at a great discount, simply because they’re bundled into a M&W base package.

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