How Do Ancient Artifacts Shed Light on the New Testament?

archaeology-1Archaeologists study ancient cultures through the careful exhumation and examination of artifacts; their work sheds light on important biblical questions. For example, nearly all of pottery unearthed in Galilee came from a single Jewish village and not from Gentile potters, suggesting that contrary to the notion that Galilean Jews were “more lax” or “less strict,” they were actually very observant of Jewish food and cleanliness laws.

In another study of ancient pottery, there was a long-held contention that the clay jars containing the Dead Sea Scrolls were not connected to the nearby ruins of Qumran; but archaeologists were able to prove conclusively that the pottery found in Qumran and the jars found in the caves were made of the same clay, and so were inextricably linked.

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  1. I took a class with Dr Craig Evans on the Dead Sea Scrolls. He has an extensive knowledge on history of the OT, NT as well as culture or background. He is a great professor!