5 Great Deals from Eerdmans


June’s monthly sale features great deals on more than 100 products, including 40+ titles from Eerdmans. Don’t miss this chance to save on foundational works of biblical study from one of the most trusted evangelical publishers. Browse all the Eerdmans products on sale, or check out these five featured deals.

1. The New International Greek Testament Commentary (13 vols.)33% off
The New International Greek Testament Commentary offers detailed exegesis based on the UBS Greek New Testament text. Its interpretation is sensitive to theological themes, as well as historical, linguistic, and textual context. Get insights from such top scholars as I. Howard Marshall, F.F. Bruce, James D.G. Dunn, and G.K. Beale.

2. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) (1979–1995) (4 vols.)23% off
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia explains more than 9,000 topics and terms, with articles on every person, place, and theological term in the Bible, as well as issues of doctrine, controversial topics, and more—written by hundreds of evangelical contributors from many fields. The original Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek words are transliterated, and each entry explains the pronunciation, etymology, and variant renderings. Whatever your biblical interests, you’ll find ISBE to be a powerful tool for research and exegesis.

3. Eerdmans Critical Commentary Series (ECC) (8 vols.)44% off
In-depth scholarship is invaluable when studying the Bible, but it can often be hard to navigate. The Eerdmans Critical Commentary Series is designed to be accessible for both serious general readers and experienced scholars. You’ll get clear yet rigorous interpretation, background, and application on Exodus, the Psalms, Isaiah 40–66, John’s Gospel and letters, 1 and 2 Timothy, and Philemon—from some of the best contemporary scholars.

4. A Theology of the New Testament, rev. ed.28% off
This classic work, written by George Eldon Ladd and updated by Donald A. Hagner, gives you comprehensive evangelical analysis of New Testament theology. Discover for yourself why this volume is recommended by Gordon Fee, Ben Witherington, Joel Green, and others—along with many Logos users!

5. Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature Series (11 vols.)25% off
This series offers accessible scholarship on the Dead Sea Scrolls, helping you see how these documents shape our understanding of the formation of the Bible and the historical development of Judaism and Christianity.You’ll get both overviews of the Dead Sea Scrolls and focused studies on key topics.

And don’t forget to check out all the other products on sale this month—commentaries, reference works, theological studies, and more!