3 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Get Logos 6

logos base packages
Logos is a Bible student’s dream come true. Whether you study God’s Word because it’s your calling, your job, or your passion, you already know Scripture holds a wealth of insight. We want to help you discover that insight—that’s why we created Logos base packages.

But a Logos base package is so much more than a collection of high-powered tools—each package is the perfect union of versatile tools and interconnected, digital resources. It is this library of resources that powers Bible study tools that aren’t available anywhere else; and right now, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on a base package featuring some of the world’s most trusted, respected biblical resources.

And now’s the best time to get Logos 6 because of the compounding savings waiting for you.

You’ll start with massive savings on renowned Bible study resources

To do the best research, you need access to the best scholarship. And many of the world’s highest-caliber, most-trusted biblical resources are available in the Logos format. You could pick up just a few of the best commentaries—for example, New International Greek Testament Commentary, Pillar New Testament Commentary, and UBS Handbook series Old & New Testament collection—and you’d spend over $1,800.

But, for $300 less than that, you can get these three commentary sets plus over 1,000 other resources as part of Logos 6 Gold. And you’d get all the features, tools, and datasets in Logos 6 that help you use your library to the fullest.

Let’s break it down another way. If you wanted to buy all the commentaries that come in Gold separately—just the commentaries!—you’d be out over $4,000. Then add in all the other resources that come in Gold, and you’d be looking at a grand total of more than $17,500. But Logos Gold is only $1,549 (maybe even less for you; more on that below).  That means you’d be getting everything at a massive 91% discount.

You’ll get an additional 10% off right now

But the savings wouldn’t stop there. Right now Logos 6 base packages are 10% off! From Starter to Collector’s, Anglican to Methodist/Wesleyan, and every theological tradition in between. And this discount isn’t just for brand-new base packages; if you already own Logos, you can get 10% off you upgrade too! Whether you’d be upgrading from Logos 6 Bronze, or Logos 5 Scholar’s, or any of our previous versions, tracks, or levels, you’d still enjoy that 10% off; we’re even discounting all Crossgrades.

You could save even more with Dynamic Pricing

And if you you already own some Logos resources, you’ll get a personalized discount based on the resources you already in your Logos library. We call it Dynamic Pricing, and with it your savings increase as the value of each volume you own is subtracted from the final price. That means you’ll only pay for resources new to you. To find out how much you’ll save, check out Logos.com/get-6 to see a customized breakdown of how much you’ll save—and how much you’ll get!


A Logos base package is a powerful, versatile research platform—a seamless union between state-of-the-art technology and time-honored scholarship and truth. There’s never been a better time to get Logos 6—buy or upgrade today and save 10% right off the top, plus possible Dynamic Pricing discounts, not to mention the massive savings on renowned resources. Start shopping at Logos.com/get-6 now!