3.5 Reasons to Shop the Spring Sale While You Still Can


For the last month, we’ve featured 25 stellar resources in the spring sale—resources specially chosen to fuel your spiritual growth.

This sale ends June 17, so here are three (and a half) reasons to build your own bundle of resources in this sale.

1. You can choose your favorites

When it comes to fueling your spiritual growth, you’re the most knowledgeable person—you know the types of resources you need to grow spiritually. We sorted the 25 resources featured in the Spring Sale into five handy categories, making your job of bundle-building all the easier. Just visit the spring sale page and select your favorite authors or collections.

Pick your favorite authors

In the spring sale, you’ll find works by contemporary giants Wayne Grudem, John Stott, N.T. Wright, Kent Hughes, Dallas Willard, and Eugene Peterson. Get works penned by these influential authors to fuel your growth with trusted, up-to-date insight.

Pick the fan-favorite collections

What makes this sale even sweeter is that you can get that 40% discount on some of our most-read, best-selling, and highest-value resources. If you bundle any of these resources with at least four others, here’s how much you could save:

  • NavPress Spiritual Formation Collection (15 vols.) $189.99 $114—save $75.99
  • New Testament for Everyone (18 vols.) $199.99 $120—save $79.99
  • Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (10 vols.) $224.99 $135—save $89.99
  • Mobile Ed: PD201 Introducing spiritual formation $379.99 $228—save $151.99
  • Preaching the Word Commentary Series (37 vols.) $639.99 $384—save $255.99

And if you bundled these five together, you’d save over $650! If you want to take advantage of the spring sale and get a BIG saving, get these five resources in one powerhouse bundle.

2. You can customize your discount

As you select the resources you need, you can watch your discount grow—up to 40%! Here’s a simple breakdown of how the discounts work:

  • Any 1 or 2 resources = 25% off each
  • Any 3 resources = 30% off each
  • Any 4 resources = 35% off each
  • Any 5 or more resources = 40% off each

You choose your bundle, and you can choose your discount—the options are practically limitless! (Okay, there are actually 68,325 possible combinations). Browse all 25 resources and build your bundle now.

3. You can pick a recommended bundle

The Spring Sale is unique because you have the power to build a customized bundle and get a custom discount. But for your convenience—and those like me with choice paralysis—we built two bundles to fit your needs.

Pastor’s bundle

This bundle was hand-crafted to equip pastors. From preparing sermons to answering tough questions, this bundle has got you covered. You can read about it here, or go ahead and add it to your cart right now. A simple solution so you can make the most of your time.

The Ultimate Experience bundle

This bundle was designed to provide a well-rounded Bible study experience, and to fuel your spiritual growth five different ways. From systematic theology to Christian living, hermeneutics to evangelism, this bundle gives you a resource from every category in the Spring Sale. Learn more about the resources you’ll get or add it to your cart with one click—ah, convenience!

3.5 It’s almost over!

All good things must come to an end, and this sale is drawing to a close. These deals will disappear on June 17, at 11:59 PST. If you haven’t taken advantage of this unique sale, don’t wait any longer. Pick up the Pastor’s bundle, the Ultimate Experience bundle, or build your own. You’ve got two days left to save; don’t miss your chance to fuel your spiritual growth and save up to 40%!

Shop the spring sale before the deals disappear on June 17.