Introducing the Lexham Press Philippians Bundle

philippians 4:4
Paul wrote Philippians in chains from a Roman prison. The letter reveals clearly Paul’s deep love for the church in Philippi, but even more so, Paul’s hope and trust in Christ even under such dire conditions. All this makes the book of Philippians one of the most fruitful and inspiring in the New Testament. We need it’s message of perseverance, grace, and solidarity as much today as the church did then. 

PhilippiansBundleWith the Lexham Press Philippians Bundle you will have the resources necessary to learn more and delve deeper into Paul’s letter than ever before. 

The Lexham Bible Guide: Philippians is the perfect starting point. It will show you where to find relevant resources, summarizes scholarly opinions on various topics and explains background issues. By surveying and summarizing the relevant literature on each passage, this reource saves you all the time of seeking out those sources yourself! Written from the ground up to take full advantage of Logos’ platform, the Lexham Bible Guide: Philippians provides you with relevant, curated content at a click, produced by professional researchers. There’s no need to flip through pages, pore over commentaries, or search through dictionaries. You get access to the best content available—instantly.

Spurgeon Philippians-PDPThe Spurgeon Commentary takes you through the book of Philippians with the prince of preachers as your guide. Culled from Spurgeon’s life’s work of books and sermons and formatted as a verse-by-verse commentary, this resource is filled with illustrations and insights only Spurgeon could provide!

The High Definition Commentary: Philippians is a visual commentary that will help you identify the Apostle Paul’s intent by examining the linguistic and literary clues in the text. Divided into preachable chunks, author Steven Runge follows the flow of the book, presenting the big ideas of each passage and applying his linguistic and exegetical expertise to guide your study. Graphics and exportable slides help to easily explain complex concepts.


26772Designed for sermon preparation, Study, Apply, Share: Philippians points you to key sources for further study, helps you to understand the text identifying the major interpretive issues, it gives examples of how to apply the text and supplies worship service ideas that tie into the meaning of the passage. It also includes professionally designed slides which can be used to illustrate key points.  

DIY Bible Study: Philippians is a highly visual, practical guide to Bible study that gives you the tools to dive into the text yourself. A video lesson gets you started, surveying the book and defining principles for understanding the text. And application-focused content, accompanied by stunning graphics, helps you see what Philippians meant to its original readers and what it means for us today.

Taken together, these resources will allow to get the most out of your time in the Scriptures and provide the tools to share your best insights!

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