3 Ways to Streamline Your Bible Study with Logos Now

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What if you could spend the same amount of time studying for your next sermon, paper, lesson, or Bible study, but get more insight?

There is, unfortunately, no “give-me-insight” button in Logos. The sober truth is, there’s no substitute for hard, prayerful work—but technology and good training can indeed help streamline your study. That’s one of the reasons we created Logos Now: to give you access to powerful features that can help you get more out of your Bible study.

With Logos Now, you don’t have to wait for the latest Logos features. Roughly every six weeks, we release new tools, datasets, and features for you to use immediately in your Bible study. It’s been over a year since we first released Logos Now, and since then the tools are more powerful and the subscription more valuable than ever.

For a limited time you can get $85 in free books when you start your annual subscription to Logos Now. Not only will you get the very latest Logos features, you’ll also get four free resources featuring the work of D.A. Carson, Michael Horton, and more; they’re yours to keep forever.

As of today there are 27 Logos Now exclusive features . . . and counting. Here are just three ways those Logos Now features can streamline your study.

Customize your workflow

Everyone approaches Bible study differently. Hopefully we’re all following the same, sound hermeneutical and exegetical principles, but every one of us will prefer a unique layout or workflow that makes our individual study more efficient.

Logos Now gives you even more ways to customize your workflow to fit your study. Multiview Resources is already one of the Logos Pro’s favorite new features. It’s no surprise: this feature opens up an unprecedented level of customization for your study.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

That’s not the only way to customize your study with Logos Now. With Custom Homepage Layouts, you can launch into your favorite workspace right from the home page.

Get an annual subscription to Logos Now and $85 in free books.

Incorporate theological resources into your study

In the past, if you wanted to incorporate the insights of influential systematic theologians like Louis Berkhof or Wayne Grudem into your study, you’d have to grab those heavy books from the shelf, flip to the Scripture index, find the relevant passages, and go back and forth between the biblical text and that theologian’s comments.

Logos has always simplified tasks like this (searching a digital resource is much more efficient than manually skimming through physical pages), but with Logos Now, you can see an authoritative list of every place the passage you’re studying is mentioned in your systematic theologies. It’s even organized according to standard theological categories such as soteriology, Christology, and eschatology.

Not only that, Logos Now includes features to help you incorporate references in biblical theologies and confessional documents as well. With Logos Now, you get all three of these features together, making it much simpler to reference the work of the church’s greatest theologians, saving you time and getting you to insights faster.

See the Systematic Theologies Guide section in action.

See the Biblical Theology Guide section in action.

See the Confessional Documents Guide section in action

Trace the flow of thought in a passage

Sometimes insights that might take hours to discover otherwise seem to pop from the page when you break a passage down into its constituent elements.

With Logos, you can already access propositional outlines for every book in the New Testament. With Logos Now, that feature has been expanded to include the Old Testament. Of course, what works for a New Testament epistle might not be directly transferable to, for instance, an Old Testament narrative. That’s why we’ve carefully developed the Old Testament Propositional Bible Outlines to reflect the unique concerns of Old Testament genres.

See it in action.

Subscribe now to get $85 in free books

If you’ve been waiting to start your subscription to Logos Now, you don’t want to wait any longer. For a limited time, we’ll give you $85 in free resources when you start your annual subscription. That’s nearly the cost of the annual subscription, but you’ll get those resources completely free; they’re yours to keep forever.

Learn more about Logos Now and these exclusive free resources.


  1. Dave Thawley says:

    I think logos need to point out that the free books are already in a lot of peoples libraries :-) . Saying that Logos Now is worth the money without the freebee.

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Hi, Dave.

      I think Logos Now is worth it without the freebies, too. :-) We did choose resources that aren’t in base packages, so many base package owners (though not all) won’t own these resources.

      But like you said, it’s totally worth it without the freebies.

      Thanks for chiming in!