Works by Charles Spurgeon, D.L. Moody, and G.K. Chesterton Are 40% off!

2016_LMM_Deals-R3_Blog-headerSixteen authors went head to head in round three; eight emerged victorious, and eight were sent packing. This was a round of upsets, as three of the eliminated contenders were juggernauts G.K Chesterton, Charles Spurgeon, and D.L. Moody. But don’t let their defeat fool you—the writings of these theologians pack a wallop and you can get their select works for 40% off! Here are a few titles you don’t want to miss, plus a hint on how to get all 11 volumes of the G.K. Chesterton Collection for less than the collection price.

Charles Spurgeon

The Interpreter: Spurgeon’s Devotional Bible


Charles Spurgeon, the “prince of preachers,” was a man deeply in love with God’s Word. With The Interpreter: Spurgeon’s Devotional Bible, you’ll have the entire text of the Bible alongside Spurgeon’s own reflections on nearly every verse. This Bible, arranged topically instead of canonically, will empower you to experience the text of Scripture guided by Charles Spurgeon himself. His commentary illuminates the text, providing notes on interpretation and application that are just as vibrant today as they were over a century ago.


All of Grace


The thrust of the New Testament, and the central aspect of the Gospel, is grace. Throughout his career as a preacher and teacher, Spurgeon reflected on God’s grace. In his best-selling All of Grace, Spurgeon considers the theological implications of grace concerning justification, forgiveness, faith, regeneration, and much more. Since its publication more than a century ago, All of Grace has sold more than one million copies. Get yours today!

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D.L. Moody

One Thousand and One Thoughts from My Library


Do you ever wish you could combine your favorite Bible teacher’s thoughts into one commentary? D.L. Moody scoured the works of his favorite authors for the best notes, anecdotes, thoughts, ponderings, teachings—in short, whatever he felt clarified Scripture and brought deeper understanding of God’s Word. From Genesis to Revelation, Moody has selected passages and paired them with selections from authors and preachers such as Charles Spurgeon, F.B. Meyer, John Fletcher, Horatius Bonar, G. Campbell Morgan, and hundreds more.


Notes From My Bible: From Genesis to Revelation


With One Thousand and One Thoughts From My Library, you get thoughts from Moody’s favorite authors. And with Notes From My Bible, you get reflections and annotations from Moody himself. Glean inspiration from Moody’s marginal notes, including illustrations, anecdotes, references, and brief outlines of sermons. With his Notes From My Bible, you’ll also have access to the extensive miscellaneous notes Moody kept tucked in his Bible concerning the Lord’s Prayer, Christ on the Mount of Olives, similes of union between Christ and the believer, and dozens more.

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G.K. Chesterton

chestertoncollection-200One of Britain’s most famous and prolific twentieth-century writers, Chesterton’s apologetic works—such as Orthodoxy—have influenced generations of Christian belief. His historical works have made important theologians accessible to modern Christians, and his essays and commentary were influential in the conversion of C.S. Lewis. As the author of more than 80 volumes, 200 short stories, and 4,000 essays, his works combine literary wit, theological acumen, and pointed cultural critique. Together, Chesterton’s works are required reading for theologians, philosophers, and thinking Christians.

As part of the Logos March Madness sale, the individual volumes from the G.K. Chesterton collection are 40% off. And by a happy coincidence, two of these volumes are already featured as the Verbum Free Book of the Month and Plus One. Through March 31st, you can get What’s Wrong With the World for free, and his most famous work Orthodoxy for just $.99! That means that when you acquire each volume individually—nine at 40% off and two for $.99—you’ll get the complete G.K. Chesterton Collection for less than the price of purchasing the collection.

We’ve even made it easy for you: just click this link to purchase every volume in Chesterton’s Collection (including Verbum’s Free Book and Plus One). And don’t worry—you won’t be charged for resources already in your Logos library.

Get the entire G.K. Chesterton Collectionfor more than 40% off by clicking this link. But hurry—the FBOTM deal ends March 31st! After that, those two volumes will be available at 40% off through the end of March Madness.


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