The Biggest Upsets and Best Deals from Logos March Madness So Far

Logos March Madness Discounts

Round 1 is over, the results are in, and only 32 authors have made it to Round 2 of Logos March Madness. But even if your first-round picks didn’t make it, that’s no reason to take your ball and go home. After all, you can save 30% on selected works by authors eliminated from the competition. So, even if you lose, you still win. Score!

Round 1’s biggest upset

John MacArthur Logos March MadnessThere were quite a few upsets this round, but one matchup took us all by surprise.

We pitted John Calvin against John MacArthur (a tough choice for many of us, no doubt). Calvin is a perennial favorite, but he barely squeaked into the next round; he beat MacArthur by less than 200 votes!

Not that we’re complaining—now you can get 30% off the John MacArthur Sermon Archive and 16 other resources by MacArthur.

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Now it’s time for John Calvin to face R.C. Sproul, yet another modern preacher who claims the great Reformer as an inspiration. You tell us, sports  theology fans: Who will emerge victorious? Will Calvin move on to round three, or will Dr. Sproul be forced to take down his theological hero? Cast your Round 2 vote and decide the outcome for yourself!

Awesome round 1 deals

You can now save 30% on select works by 32 authors. Here are four great authors who were eliminated in this first round of competition—and the works you need to snag for 30% off while you still can.

Warren Wiersbe’s “Be” series, individual volumes

Author: Warren Wiersbe

weirsbe beIn a matchup of Chestertonian proportions, Warren Wiersbe faced off against, well . . . G.K. Chesterton. Wiersbe didn’t manage to come out on top, but that means you can save 30% on individual volumes from his most popular work: The “Be” Series.

Breaking down each Old Testament book into topical chapters, Wiersbe writes an approachable commentary series that allows any reader to understand the Bible in new ways. The “Be” Series is the culmination of Wiersbe’s life work and is respected by many as an easy-to-read, stimulating approach to Bible study.

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The Life and Works of John Wesley, individual volumes

Author: John Wesley

works of wesleyIn another squeaker, the father of neo-orthodoxy barely beat out the founder of Methodism in a knock-down-drag-out that ended with Karl Barth advancing. John Wesley (and you) receive a fine consolation prize, though: 30% off Wesley’s select works. 

That includes individual volumes from The Works of John Wesley. No matter your theological stripe, your library is incomplete without the life work of John Wesley. Wesley has made an incalculable impact on Christianity, and our collection of his life’s work is essential reading for anyone who takes theology seriously. With this 30% discount, you can get individual volumes for less than $20 a pop.

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The works of B.B. Warfield, individual volumes

Author: B.B. Warfield

warfieldB.B. Warfield’s enormous theological influence wasn’t enough to cary him into Round 2—not when he had to go toe-to-toe with F.F. Bruce. Warfield brought his game face, but Bruce bested him by over 2,000 votes.

Thanks to that upset, you can get 30% off individual volumes from The Works of B.B. Warfield. These volumes will help you understand how the great Princeton theologian has shaped modern evangelicalism. Warfield navigated a course for the church as it withstood the blows of modernism and liberal theology, and Warfield’s works can chart a path for the church as it faces similar challenges today.

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The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges

Author: Jerry Bridges

discipline of graceJerry Bridges isn’t moving on to Round 2 of Logos March Madness—an outcome all the more bittersweet in light of his recent death. As Justin Taylor said, Bridges “combined . . . the pursuit of holiness and godliness with an emphasis on transforming grace. He believed that trusting God not only involved believing what he had done for us in the past, but that the gospel empowers daily faith and is transformative for all of life.”

You can get many of Bridges’ works for 30% off as part of Logos March Madness. If you’ve never read his work before, we recommend starting with The Discipline of Grace.

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Select works by 32 authors are now 30% off. See the complete list of Round 1 deals, and don’t forget to start voting on Round 2. You only have until March 14 at 3 p.m. (PT) to cast your ballot.