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gospel transformation bible

When you study Scripture day in and day out, it’s all too easy to lose sight of of God’s transforming grace. But the Bible isn’t a collection of moralistic fables or a litany of sterile commands; as the editors of the Gospel Transformation Bible put it, Scripture presents a unified message of God’s grace, culminating in Jesus.

Featuring contributions from over 50 pastors and scholars including Mark Futato, Michael Horton, and editor Bryan Chapell, the Gospel Transformation Bible has been praised for its commitment to drawing out the grace of the gospel found on every page of Scripture. The study notes don’t just explain biblical passages, they apply God’s Word in a way that prioritizes the role of God’s grace in the life of the believer and exalts Christ above all else.

The contributors to the Gospel Transformation Bible emphasize heart transformation, not behavior modification. This unique study Bible showcases how the gospel transforms believers from the inside out. Book introductions explain how each biblical book informs our understanding of God’s unfolding program of grace that culminates in Jesus. In the notes, the authors demonstrate the story of grace God is telling throughout Scripture—and how that story can transform your heart.

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