Round One Ends Tomorrow: Name Your Picks Before It’s Too Late

Round 1 logos march madness

Dozens of authors are going mano a mano in a last-man-standing competition for your votes. That’s right: Logos March Madness is here!

Who will be sent home packing and who will ultimately emerge victorious? With the retirement of three-time LMM champion D.A. Carson, it could be anyone’s game.

You only have until 3 p.m. (PT) tomorrow to cast your round-one vote. But should your first-round picks suffer the humiliation of defeat, fret not! Selected works by the eliminated authors will go on sale two hours after round one ends.

Vote on these epic faceoffs

Declare your round-one picks before it’s too late. There are plenty of theological faceoffs you’ll want to weigh in on.

Who would you choose in a showdown between John Calvin and John MacArthur? Make your voice heard by naming your round-one picks.

The founder of Methodism faces off with the father of neo-orthodoxy. Who will win this clash of theological progenitors: John Wesley or Karl Barth? Tell us with your vote!

Leave your presuppositions behind—anyone could win this matchup between apologist Cornelius Van Til and the Bishop of Hippo himself, St. Augustine. Make your first-round picks now!


The longer your champions last, the deeper the discount on their selected works. So rally your friends and cheer on your favorite authors. You’ll have the chance to save 70% on works by the LMM champion, so show your support and make sure your favorites are still standing when the dust settles.

Vote before tomorrow at 3 p.m.(PT) to lock in your first round picks. Vote now!