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The New Testament writers used a variety of literary and grammatical devices to help guide the reader. Known as “discourse devices,” these elements attract your attention to key information, alert you that something surprising is about to happen, and perform many other tasks. However, discourse devices are often not apparent in English translations—or easily understood even in the Greek text—except with years of language study.

Our understanding of the Greek New Testament is based almost entirely on English translations, but how would our understanding of the Greek text change if we read it for what it is—as Greek? That’s the power of understanding these discourse devices.

The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament (LDGNT) includes the entire Greek text of the New Testament marked up with more than 20 discourse devices,  LDGNT also includes a helpful introduction to the devices and a built-in glossary, allowing you to quickly access information about a particular discourse device without leaving the text.

And you don’t have to limit your study to the Greek text. With The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Bundle, you’ll get both the Greek text and the Lexham High Definition New Testament: ESV Edition, which features the discourse devices displayed directly on the text of the trusted ESV translation. Already have the Lexham High Definition New Testament: ESV Edition? You’ll get an additional discount on the bundle.

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“Runge has done an excellent job of using easy-to-read notations within the text of the Greek NT to educate us on how these Greek words are being used. As an Army Chaplain, I have to craft a sermon from start to finish in about a 15 minute time before my soldiers move on in their day. Moving beyond what the Greek NT says toward what the NT is communicating makes all the difference.” —JR

“Simply Awesome!” —Curtis

“This is a neat and unique resource. It gives me a clearer perspective on what is happening in the text. It is a powerful tool for inductive Bible study! It’s easy to use and was created well. 5 stars for sure.” —Josh

“What a dream for the Greek Noob. Highly recommended to extend what is never enough time available to give the Word in its originally recorded forms.” —David

“I have found it to be an asset in my Greek Studies addressing both English and Greek grammar.” —Donald

“This set deserves 10 stars.” —Christopher


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