Journey to the Resurrection with 10 Free Easter Video Reflections

journey to the resurrection

It’s hard to overplay the importance of the Resurrection of Jesus. When you read the Gospels closely, it becomes clear: the Resurrection isn’t just an afterthought; it’s not some narrative flourish wrapping the life of Christ in a neat theological bow. It’s the culmination of Christ’s ministry, and it points to the climax of history itself.

Everything leads to the Resurrection—the day the Son of God burst forth from the grave, declaring victory over the powers of darkness, and even death itself. As N.T. Wright has said, the Resurrection of Jesus is the first step in God’s program to “colonize earth with the life of heaven.” Nothing could be more momentous, more potent, or more transformative for the life of the Christian.

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The Resurrection is so pivotal that a single day of reflection, Easter Sunday, just isn’t enough to truly appreciate its riches. And the Resurrection shouldn’t be understood in isolation either—every event in the life of Christ leads to the Resurrection, every day in the life of the church is shaped by its power, and every event in history pales in comparison to its significance.

Prepare your heart for Easter

To help you prepare your heart for Resurrection Sunday, we’ve partnered with respected scholars to give you 10 free video reflections on the life of Christ.

Each video features an 8–10 minute reflection by a respected scholar. These segments are perfect for your morning devotions on the days leading to Easter. And if you’re a pastor preparing your Easter service, you’ll find a wealth of insights to shape your message on the Resurrection of Christ. Working systematically through the life of Christ, these video segments will remind you that Christ came “to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45) and that “it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him” (Acts 2:24).

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Each video focuses on key events in Christ’s journey to the Resurrection and correlates with the seasons of the church calendar. Anticipate the salvation Christ brings with David deSilva; explore the importance of the “Word becoming flesh” with Peter Leithart; discover the significance of the Last Supper with TremperLongman III, and more.

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Resources for Easter

We’ve pulled together resources on the life, ministry, and resurrection of Christ as well, so you can focus your study of God’s Word as Easter approaches. Here are a few highlights.

Understanding Easter: The Significance of the Resurrection

understanding easterThis course on Jesus’ death and resurrection features a cohort of respected Christian theologians, including Elyse Fitzpatrick, Douglas J. Moo, Ben Witherington, Darrell L. Bock, and Michael W. Goheen. Presented in a similar format to the 10 free daily video reflections, this course is the perfect way to go even deeper in your study of Jesus’ resurrection.

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Living the Resurrection: The Risen Christ in Everyday Life

living the resurrectionThe resurrection of Jesus isn’t simply proof of his divinity, nor should Christians only celebrate it on one day of the liturgical year and then forget about it. The resurrection has crucial relevance for our spiritual formation every day.

Living the Resurrection immerses you in the life-changing experience of this biblical event. Best-selling author and pastor Eugene Peterson writes with vitality, beauty, and prophetic insight, drawing you to the central place of life and faith—the resurrection of Christ.

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College Press Resurrection Collection (2 vols.)

resurrectionLearn how the Resurrection of Christ provides a powerful argument for the truth of Christianity. Acclaimed apologist Gary Habermas illustrates how the resurrection is related to numerous New Testament doctrines, analyzes the resurrection’s implications for daily Christian living, and emphasizes the resurrection’s importance for different aspects of Christian knowledge and faith. Also featuring extensive application sections and questions for group study or individual reflection, it’s a perfect resource to draw on as you prepare an Easter sermon or Bible study.

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