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For the first time ever, get the Logos edition of John Piper’s Look at the Book series in the Logos edition for free! Featuring over 100 new videos by John Piper, Look at the Book is the first of it’s kind, providing a new method of teaching the Bible.

Watch as Piper underlines text, circles words, and scribbles notes in the margin of his Bible. See Piper’s Bible study methods from beginning to end as he works through a passage, makes connections between words and phrases, and points toward a deeper understand of the text. He doesn’t just help you see what he sees, he shows you how to use his own Bible study methodology in your study.

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As if a 100+ video series from John Piper isn’t exciting enough, we’re adding an additional 50 videos from Piper in the near future. Anyone who gets the Look at the Book (101 video) series today will automatically receive 50 more videos from Piper when the videos are complete. That’s over 150 videos with John Piper—totally free!

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  1. Piet Huttenga says

    Dear Reader,

    Could you please do something about the links to a free book? Now I get automatically a list of books with their prices and I cannot get the list to become zero by not ticking the items. I have already before paid for something which I did not wanted and then needed to be refunded, which is an unnecessary nuisance. Thank you before hand.

    Piet Huttenga

    • Tyler Smith says

      I’m sorry, Piet, but I’m having trouble understanding your problem. Which links are you clicking?

  2. john shawn says

    I can’t add free book of the month
    “Look at the Book by John Piper” into my cart.

    I tried many times and many ways, but still failed.
    could you please help me?