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Many Christians aren’t satisfied with their Bible study time. When you sit down to read the word of God, do you have a plan, or do you find yourself flipping the pages, not knowing where to start? Bible Study Magazine can help you get more out of your Bible study. In every issue, we offer articles, infographics, Bible study plans, and devotionals that provide context, and address tough questions prompted by the text. We also feature interviews with influential pastors, scholars, and Bible teachers in the US and around the world.

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Here are some of the highlights from the March–April ‘16 issue:

Portrait of a Diverse Church: An Interview with Bryan Loritts

bsm coverBryan Loritts, lead pastor of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Silicon Valley, California, is part of a growing movement to guide American churches through the process of becoming multiethnic communities. And he’s hopeful about the progress he’s seen. “There’s a power in visibly having a body of believers with faces of different ethnicities, worshiping Jesus Christ together and loving each other.”

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Mending the Educational Divide: Paving a Future for Sri Lankan Christianity

Lal Senanayake, president of Lanka Bible College of Kandy, was the first Christian convert in his Sri Lankan village. When his younger siblings began to face discrimination at school because of his decision, his parents confronted him: “They told me to either give up my Christianity or get out. They didn’t let me take any of my other clothes or things—they were trying to prevent me from leaving—so I left home with nothing but the clothes I was wearing. . . . I didn’t go home for many years.”

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Special Section—Unlikely Redemption: Ruth

A Matter of Integrity

Wheaton College professor Sandra Richter writes about the integrity of the characters of Ruth, Boaz and Naomi: “In the book of Ruth, the kindness of an impoverished outsider and the courage of a well-established insider save a destitute widow, her forgotten family, her backwater town, and eventually the nation of Israel. The story of Ruth and Boaz captivates us because it draws us into the personal and painful details of an Israelite family’s existence while challenging us with a most exceptional sort of integrity.” Read more of Richter’s reflections on Ruth in by subscribing to the latest issue of Bible Study Magazine.

From Bitter to Blessed

Faithlife Study Bible Editor Miles Custis shares his personal understanding of Naomi’s journey to become part of a new family: “My wife and I were devastated when we learned that our second and final attempt at in vitro fertilization had failed. While we knew the procedure offered no guarantees, we had hoped and prayed that God would use this long, emotional, and expensive process to bless us with a family. Instead, it seemed that all of our trusting, praying, and waiting was for nothing. When you expect to receive good things from God, but get bad news instead, it’s difficult to know how to react.” Read the rest of Custis’ journey to fatherhood in the latest issue of Bible Study Magazine.

Dig into the inspiration and complexity in the book of Ruth, and let Bible Study Magazine take you deeper. And right now, with our March Madness sale, a one-year subscription Bible Study Magazine is 50% off.

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