D.A. Carson: The First Logos March Madness Hall-of-Famer


Logos March Madness is back, and round one is underway! If you haven’t yet, rally your friends and vote for your favorite authors—those eliminated from this round will get a 30% discount, but the winners will advance to round two, and maybe further! That’s good news for you: the longer the authors last, the deeper the discounts on their selected works.

If you’ve scanned the matchups, you probably noticed one former champion is conspicuously absent. Nope, it wasn’t an accident: D.A. Carson is taking a breather from the competition. Carson was champion three out of four years! What better way to celebrate world champions and record breakers than induction into a hall of fame?

Logos March Madness Hall of Fame

To celebrate Carson’s hiatus and his induction into the Logos March Madness Hall of Fame, for the duration of the competition, you can get 29 of Carson’s most popular titles in the exclusive D.A. Carson Treasury Bundle. The best part? The bundle is 45% off.

You’ll save on titles like Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament and Pillar New Testament Commentary: The Gospel According to John while Carson enjoys his hall-of-fame status on the bench—no need for this champion to enter the fray.

But he won’t stay out for long. We plan to induct each year’s champion into the Hall of Fame, where they’ll bask in glory and you’ll reap the benefits of fixed savings on some of their most popular works. And after a few years, they’ll be back in the ring, ready to go head-to-head once more.

Celebrate Carson’s three-year winning streak and add the exclusive D.A. Carson Treasury to your library. With savings of 45%, you’ll feel like a champion.


Carson may be out, but 64 others are already facing off, and they need your votes. The longer each author lasts, the deeper the discounts on their works—from 30% to 70% off. Will your favorite authors last six rounds and be crowned the Logos March Madness 2016 Champion? Vote now and find out!




  1. Is there a way to have a pop-up on the voting that gives a little background on each person (a brief history/major contributions)? I know many of them but several I’ve never heard of and rather than research it out (since this is for fun I’m not going to spend all the time researching), it would be a huge help to click on their picture and have a short detail summary rather than vote based on a random name or picture. =) Just a thought. Thanks.

    • Tyler Smith says

      Great idea, Nathan! We probably can’t incorporate that this year, but we’ll keep it in mind for the future. You should consider visiting logos.com/suggest to formally submit your idea. It’s the best place to go for ideas like yours.