The Power of Theological Journals for Your Bible Study

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Commentaries, Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias are some of the most popular reference works we stock our digital libraries and bookshelves with. However, one resource that is often overlooked, but can be extremely beneficial to your studies, is a theological journal.

Theological journals are a compilation of academic periodical publications that explore a broad range of biblical topics. Assembled from the works of multiple authors, theological journals offer one place to study an extensive selection of reference material. Because articles in journals are so exhaustive, they make a unique contribution to your study of a passage. Authors devote significant time to each topic, and every article is carefully peer-reviewed. This means readers can hone in on key issues of a particular passage or topic—issues that, due to space constraints, commentaries and other theological works can’t go into with any detail. And since journals are comprised of works from several different authors, you’ll get a variety of expertise and knowledge in each theological journal.

Plus, with the journals section in Logos 6, finding relevant articles from journals in your library is simple. Search a verse in your Passage Guide or Sermon Starter Guide, and your results include a list of links to relevant journal articles—both online and in your library.

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Get started with journals with the free book of the month

Now is a great time to experience the variety of in-depth topics found only in theological journals. This month only, get the Journal of Theological Interpretation, vol. 1 free!

The Journal of Theological Interpretation, vol. 1 compiles works from Richard B. Hays, Michael J. Gorman, Joseph L. Mangina and more into one study resource. You’ll learn about the significance of canon and creed for biblical hermeneutics, the historical reception of biblical texts, and more—all from experts in each field.

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  1. I have had difficulty with your 30 day Bible study. I need to be able to pause and back up in order to re-read material. I do not want to have to go back to the beginning and go through all of it again each time I fail to pick up an important part
    of the material.
    I do appreciate the opportunity to learn more about how to use Logos to my best benefit.