Logos’ Most Wanted: Best Sellers and Wishlist Favorites

2015-YearInReview-Blog-Header_620x325Each year, we equip the church with hundreds of resources that deliver insight—so many, it’s hard to single out the best! Rather than pick our favorites, we’ve let our faithful users highlight the best products of 2015. And here they are: the best-selling, highest-rated, most-wanted resources from last year. From base packages to Bibles, there’s something to delight everyone.

Top 5 base packages

More than two decades ago, a team of young developers had a dream: what if technology could revolutionize Bible study—reducing hours of research into seconds and empowering people for intelligent discoveries? Now over 300,000 people discover insight daily with Logos. Base packages are the most efficient way to get the powerful Logos tools with a curated library of world-class resources—bundled and tiered from most efficient to most exhaustive. Last year, these five base packages were the most popular, but the star performer of 2015 was the Gold base package. With Gold, you get a library of over 1,000 resources, and all the tools and features of Logos 6. Find out why Logos Gold was the fan favorite of 2015.

Top 10 most wishlisted

Our customers, numerous and varied, share one thing: passion for the Word of God. Yet each one is unique, with special interests, particular study needs, and a wishlist personally culled from our vast library. Imagine if you could pore over the wishlists of fellow pastors, scholars, and Biblical students. What hidden gems would you find? We’ll spare you the mining and sifting through lists—you can go straight to the top ten most wishlisted resources from 2015.

And last year, the jewel in the wishlists’ crown was New International Commentary on the Old and New Testament. This massive collection features 47 volumes of critical yet orthodox scholarship that seamlessly integrates with your existing library. Join your colleagues and learn what makes the NICOT/NICNT such a treasure.


We could pick our favorite resources and celebrate them until we’re breathless. But don’t take our word for it; instead see the top-products of 2015 as determined by our users—real people who just really love to dig into the Word with our products.

Browse the best of 2015 and see what all the buzz is about.