How to Get Your Dream Library without Spending a Fortune

vast-library-blog-headerImagine a colossal library. These words conjure different images for everyone. Whether the library in your mind features gothic architecture or fluorescent lights, slim ladders or elevators, there’s one constant: shelves and shelves of books. Heavy, dusty, cumbersome—as the library grows, the task of research grows ever daunting.

If you’re one of the 300,000 people who use Logos to study the Word, you know how Logos has revolutionized Bible study and biblical research. Pose a query to Logos and in seconds, you’ve leafed through every book in your library. With digital books, there’s no limit to the size or scope of your library. You are your own curator, free to choose the resources that meet your needs and ignite your curiosity.

A convenient and elegant solution

Over 55,000 resources are available in the Logos formatBuilding your own library from this collection can be daunting, especially if you aren’t sure which books you need. That’s why we created base packages—combining the powerful Logos engine; a slate of powerful features, datasets, and media; and a curated library of top-notch biblical and theological resources. Base packages are available in several denominational tracks, to help you study within your tradition. They’re also available in tiered levels—so you get the tools and resources you need, at prices friendly for any budget.

Take a look at the top five bestselling base packages from 2015, and discover why so many pastors, scholars, and students choose Logos.


Already own an earlier version of Logos? It’s never too late to get Logos 6. With three ways to move to Logos 6, you’ll customize your library and only pay for the resources and tools you need. If you’re already using a Logos 6 base package, consider upgrading to Gold—the #1 bestseller from 2015!—and enjoy all the tools and features of Logos 6 plus a library of over 1,000 resources.

While you’re at it, explore all the most-popular, best-selling, highest-rated resources from 2015, and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.




  1. Jaime Lopez Ortega says

    being the proud owner of a logos 6 collectors package as well as a verbum capstone I can only say that the sets are truly fascinating and so large that I have yet to plumb the depths… However If I may I would like to suggest a package that I believe you have yet to offer.. I would like to see a base package that introduces one to the fundamentals of the variety of bible based faiths extant or present in the near or remote past .. I would include in this set the writings of Islam since ever increasing numbers of scholars are in agreement that Islam had it’s genesis beginning in the Judaic scriptures and the innovations proposed by Islam’s founder.. It would really be the icing on the cake if you could also add Buddhism for the simple reason that its considered a major religion in the world with no signs of abating any time soon.. surely there must be some documentation of how and when this faith has had an influence on the practices of the Biblical faiths…. I am sure I am not alone with this interest… Thanks for listening..
    Jaime Lopez Ortega
    New Bedford, ma.