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FBOTM_Feb16_BlogHeaderJoel B. Green’s Journal of Theological Interpretation, vol. 1 is free during the month of February! Get yours now.

Joel B. Green has been a respected professor of Theology for over 18 years, serving at Asbury Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological seminary. A prolific scholar, Green has written and edited 30 books, four of which have won awards. The Journal of Theological Interpretation, vol. 1, edited by Green, is a collection of articles and essays penned by some of the foremost theologians and scholars of our time.

“The Journal of Theological Interpretation is a most welcome addition to a development that is as much Renaissance as Reformation: a recovery of ways of reading the Bible that, while not dismissing historical and literary concerns, go on to engage the word of God . . . ”—Kevin J. Vanhoozer

When you download the Journal of Theological Interpretation, vol. 1, you’ll get 13 engaging, thoughtful, and scholarly essays exploring numerous facets of theological study. These essays wrestle with topics including the theological and ecclesial location of biblical interpretation, and the historical reception of biblical texts—all while asking how we might hear and attend to God’s voice in the Scriptures.

“As pastors and theologians have often complained, the passing of two centuries of biblical studies has [the church]…with little access to ‘what the apostles and prophets said.’ “—Joel B. Green

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