5 of February’s Most Popular Deals

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Time’s running out to save on February’s monthly sale deals. Want to make sure you don’t miss a really good deal? Here are five of this month’s most popular bargains. Read on to discover why so many people have purchased these resources.

1. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, Vol. 161% off
Dig into the first eight chapters of Romans with this volume from the acclaimed International Critical Commentary series. Gain new insights into Paul’s letter with linguistic, textual, archaeological, historical, literary, and theological analysis.

2. Pauline Studies Library (35 vols.)60% off
If you haven’t taken advantage of this deal, don’t wait! Inform your study of Paul’s writings with multiple perspectives from generations of scholars. This massive collection includes key works by such scholars as F.W. Farrar, James Stalker, Stanley Porter, Craig Evans, and F.F. Bruce—at a huge discount.

3. The Prophecy of Isaiah25% off
In this landmark volume based on a lifetime of study on the book of Isaiah, J. Alec Motyer emphasizes three central themes: the messianic hope, the motif of the city, and the theology of the Holy One of Israel. If you’re studying Isaiah, you don’t want to miss this deal.

4. Lexham High Definition New Testament: ESV Edition (3 vols.)30% off
Explore the subtleties of the New Testament’s Greek text, even if you’ve never studied the language. The Lexham High Definition New Testament visually displays communication devices in every verse, helping you see elements often lost in translation.

5. Apologetics Collection (36 vols.)55% off
Instantly build a strong apologetics library with invaluable works from such skilled apologists as Alister McGrath, Norman Geisler, Peter Kreeft, and Gary Habermas. Engage with a full range of topics—from contemporary ethical issues such as abortion, to the historical Jesus debate, to different approaches to apologetics.

There are many other great deals to check out—including February’s featured product, the Pastorum Series Collection. There’s something for everyone, so get these discounts before they’re gone!