5 February Deals You’re Going to Love

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February’s deals are here, and with more than 100 products on sale it’s easy to find resources for almost any topic you’re studying. And if you’re not sure where to start, check out these five insightful works at great discounts.

1. Pauline Studies Library (35 vols.)60% off
Inform your study of Paul’s writings with multiple perspectives from generations of scholars. This massive collection gives you key works by such scholars as F. W. Farrar, James Stalker, Stanley Porter, Craig Evans, and F. F. Bruce. Don’t miss this amazing deal!

2. Lexham High Definition New Testament: ESV Edition (3 vols.)30% off
Explore the subtleties of New Testament Greek text, even if you’ve never studied the language. The Lexham High Definition New Testament visually displays communication devices in every verse, helping you see elements often lost in translation.

3. Justification and Variegated Nomism (2 vols.)38% off
Reexamine the New Perspective on Paul with these two essential volumes. Editors D.A. Carson, Mark Seifrid, and Peter O’Brien bring together over a dozen experts to provide a fresh look at Paul, in the context of Second Temple Judaism.

4. New Testament Introduction44% off
Jumpstart your New Testament studies with this comprehensive introduction. Donald Guthrie provides background information for each book of the New Testament and analyzes authorship, authenticity, literary structure, cultural setting, and other essential issues.

5. Feasting on the Word (12 vols.)23% off
Get one of the most extensive resources for preaching available. This series covers all the Sundays in the three-year lectionary cycle. It includes essays on the theological, pastoral, exegetical, and homiletical challenges of each lectionary text, offering multiple ways to approach preaching the Word.

Want more? Check out all the deals available this month—including more than 50 products at 50% or more off the regular price!