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Have you ever spent time digging into the Song of Solomon? More than that, have you ever applied the verses in Song of Solomon to your love life or the love lives of those you’ve counseled?

As a pastor, you’ve probably served as a marital or pre-marital counselor at some point. Whether you’re married, dating, or single, the words recorded in Song of Solomon help us understand God’s design for love. As we strive to have a relationship that glorifies God, the words in Song of Solomon are both timeless and beautiful—but they can often feel obscure or hard to understand.

Inspired Tommy Nelson’s teachings on Song of Solomon and frustrated his own experience with books about marriage, Matt Chandler wrote The Mingling of Souls, calling Christians to seek God’s design for love, marriage, sex, and redemption.

Matt and his wife, Lauren, are using the content of this book to create a larger conversation about attraction, marriage, and romance at The Mingling of Souls Marriage Conference on February 19–20.

But you don’t have to buy a book or purchase a plane ticket to learn about marriage from Matt and Lauren.

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Follow Matt and Lauren’s Mingling of Soul Marriage Conference Faithlife group to get free access to The Mingling of Souls from January 15—February 15. Matt and Lauren will walk you through a 30-day reading plan and facilitate conversations about the book.

Plus, your entire congregation is invited to attend the conference from right where you are—simply purchase a ticket and you’ll be able to live-stream the event or view it on demand for 30 days.


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